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Move it, Mama!

celebrate Mother's Day with dance!

“Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya!”

Caregiver, Teacher, Nurse, Manager, Chef, Role Model, Problem-Solver Counselor, Friend– the list of titles a mother holds is too lengthy for my weekly newsletter! Even more numerous are the diverse, talented, strong, and vibrant women who fill this larger-than-life role. So generous with time and energy for others, Moms need more than just one day a year to feel celebrated!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and let it be a reminder that self-care isn't selfish, it's essential for being the best mom, caregiver, or role model (for non-Moms like me!) that you can be!

Here's why a Zumba class is the perfect way to celebrate both Mom and yourself this week and beyond:

1. Self-Care that Moves Your Mind, Body + Heart: Ditch the guilt! Zumba is pure fun and a fantastic way to de-stress, boost your mood, and get some exercise -- all key ingredients for self-care.

2. Model Healthy Habits: Research shows children are more likely to follow healthy habits if they see their parents prioritize them. Zumba is a great way to show your family that fitness can be enjoyable and that even in tough times we can access healthy tools for coping. 

3. The Power of Legacy: By prioritizing your own wellness, you're setting a positive example for future generations, and honoring the strong women who came before you who may not have had access to self-care practices ( Can you imagine what dance fitness would have looked like in your great-great-great grandmother’s time?!). Your foremother’s strength and resilience paved the way for you to make choices that support your well-being. 

4. Celebrate ALL the Women: Even if you're not a mom yourself, you can still celebrate the amazing women who shaped your life. Zumba is a chance to connect with other strong women, uplift each other, and find joy in movement.

Join me in celebrating the Moms in our community this Mother’s Day! 11 AM on Saturday May 11 at Flow Taipei, ,we will be dancing to a special Mother’s Day playlist (featuring some of the songs here!). For all those unable to join, check out my On-Demand “Celebrating Moms” online class full of hot Zumba Mami tracks!

Happy Mother’s Day to all those celebrating, and most especially to my own Zumba Mama! 

Keep moving!



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