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Fall Familiarity溫暖熟悉之秋

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Finding comfort in this time of year

This week I’m writing the newsletter as I distract myself from packing for my trip home tomorrow. There are two obvious reasons why I can’t figure out what clothing to bring— I wear workout clothing 90% of the time now, and I haven’t experienced autumn on the East Coast for 14 years!

While I don’t have the same kind of autumn with leaves changing colors, football Sundays or fall holidays I experienced as a kid, this time of year in Taipei still has my body and mind craving the comforts of fall— namely, being surrounded by loved ones and food!!Both consciously and unconsciously I find myself going out less, spending more time in the kitchen, and inviting friends over for shared meals. It results in a few extra pounds/kgs, but more importantly a lot of important time in the company of the people that mean most to me. If spring and summer are all about newness and adventure, I see this time of year as an invitation to go deeper with connections that already exist whether that be with others or even with myself.

With these thoughts in mind, I feel really lucky to be able to be take this little trip back home to visit with both my mother and father’s sides of the family. Although it’ll be a bit of a rushed vacation, the fall spirit inspires me to slow down, make even the simplest moments memorable and find comfort in what is familiar. What does this time of year inspire for you?

Please remember that all classes will be cancelled 11/6-11/14, but that we’ll be back to regular schedule on 11/15. If you are missing your class time, why not dance along at home on my YouTube channel or take some time to share your experiences of dance here.

See you next week!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


這周我邊打包著明天回美國的行囊、邊寫著我的電子報, 我不知道要如何打包有兩個很明顯的原因 : 第一個原因是 90% 的時間我都是穿著運動服裝;第二個原因是我已經有 14 年沒有在美國東岸渡過秋天了!

雖然在台灣的秋天沒有週日的美式足球賽、沒有變色的葉子、 也沒有小時候最期待的秋季假期, 但是這時候的台北仍然讓我的身體與心靈渴望一些秋日的舒適----基本上就是環繞在我愛的人與食物之間!!有意無意之間,我發現我比較少出門了、花比較多時間在廚房表與邀請朋友來一起晚餐。這造成體重些許的增加,但是更重要的是,由我生命中重要的人一起陪伴我度過這些珍貴的時光。如果說春夏是關於新的挑戰與冒險,一年的這個時間對我來說,像是邀請自己能更深入的了解原有的朋友或甚至是自己。


請記得 11/6-11/14 所有的課都停課唷!但是從 11/15 開始,所有課程都回復正常囉!如果想念我們的舞蹈課,也可以在家打開我的 Youtube 頻道和我一起跳舞,或是花點時間在下方和我們分享你跳舞的故事與經驗。



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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