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Don’t Give Up! Try this instead!

5 Tips for Getting Back to Your Goal!

When the month is more than halfway over, what’s your mindset?

So you planned to get more sleep, to hit the gym more often, eat more vegetables, to be more patient with your family, stop procrastinating or make it to Zumba class twice a week for March ~~ but here you are with a week to go and reality looks far different than you had hoped for. If you haven’t reached whatever goal you had been aiming for it’s easy to feel discouraged and just write off the remainder of March.

This is your reminder to keep going and end the month the way that YOU WANT!

Not reaching your goals? Try these 5 tips for getting back on track with your goals!

  1. Be a detective not a judge. Ask yourself: How much time + effort am I putting in? What gets in the way of being consistent? What can I learn about myself rather than criticize myself for?

  2. Reconnect to your “Why. “ Why does this goal matter to me? How will my body, mind + heart benefit? How might my relationships with others , my job. etc. improve?

  3. Remember: Progress, not perfection! Look for small wins to build confidence!

  4. Restart small. Break your bigger goal into more manageable actionable steps you can build on. Maybe 3 days of On-Demand class per week was too much, try just 2 days a week!

  5. See Mistakes and roadblocks as a part of the process, not as failures. Wellness is a lifelong journey with ups and downs, not a destination!

And I’m really so happy to be moving along with you as a part of one another’s journeys! Whenever I feel exhausted , uninspired, or discouraged, a core “Why” I come back to again and again is the joy and fulfillment I experience when connecting with our community. If connecting, sharing, and cheering one another on towards our goals also sounds good to you, come join the conversation over at our private Facebook group!

Wishing you a wonderful last week of March!

Keep moving,


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