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Do You have a Gratitude Attitude?

3 Steps to thank

that amazing body of yours!

Can you remember back to our Zumba livestream charity class in March where we raised 12,000nt for the Taiwan Artistic Swimming Association, serving children athletes including those with physical and developmental challenges?

This past weekend I finally had a chance to meet the Taichung-based organization and their coach Julia Startch in person for the Autumn Artistic Swimming Festival! The afternoon was filled with touching performances and incredible teamwork. To see the celebration of all bodies and abilities and the way the coaches and teammates helped one another in and out of the pool really was deeply moving.

Inclusivity and appreciation for each person’s uniqueness are values at the heart of this community. And still, I know that sometimes it’s easier to show our gratitude for others rather than to ourselves and the body we are in. It can be a struggle to feel thankful for a body we might see as imperfect, flawed, or even feel betrayed by due to injury or illness.

With Thanksgiving coming tomorrow in the US, here’s your chance to focus on what you DO HAVE and CAN DO, then thank yourself and your body!

  1. Spend a few minutes thinking of what your body provides for you and helps you experience ( ex. to taste, to breathe, to move, to hug loved ones, to hear music and to dance).

  2. Thank your body for what it does— yes even out loud is helpful! ( ex. - “Thanks knee for healing up after my injury this summer and allowing me to jump around everyday! )

  3. Choose an act of self-love and self-respect towards your body to express your gratitude (ex. savor that meal, join a Zumba class, cuddle, rest)

Gratitude is an attitude that needs to be cultivated and practiced regularly, so even if it feels strange to thank yourself- give it a try and see what it can do for your perspective !

Lastly , I want to say thank you to YOU! You, my students, family and followers that make up this wonderfully warm community. You truly have kept me moving, especially during the past few years as business slowed down due to the pandemic.

As a thank you, I’ll be posting a giveaway tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 24 at 12 noon Taipei time on Instagram and Facebook. So, set an alarm and participate for a chance to win a small token of my appreciation 💕

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful week!



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