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Celebrating the New Year...

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

...and surviving the past year!

It’s been a year some of us thought would never end, but we’ve nearly made it! I can remember my excitement when watching the impressive fireworks from Taipei 101, thinking their scale and beauty must be a sign of all the greatness and possibility to come.

Well, things may have not gone to plan, but before making big resolutions that might only add to our stress levels, why not celebrate all we have done this past year individually and collectively as a whole:

In 2020...

  • We danced.

  • We tried exercising in our homes.

  • We took precautions to protect our health and those around us.

  • We stayed home at times when we wished we could go out.

  • We learned new skills, picked up a new hobby, or cooked for ourselves more often.

  • We felt a small sense of accomplishment when we finished a whole TV series.

  • We supported those who struggled by buying locally or sharing with those who were in need.

  • We learned new technology and got creative connecting with loved ones.

  • We exercised patience when things felt out of our control.

  • We learned more about ourselves from spending more time on our own.

  • We survived disappointment from canceled trips, saying goodbye to those that passed or relationships that came to an end.

  • We had a new appreciation for what it means to be employed.

  • We had difficult conversations through which we learned about other people’s experiences and perspectives.

  • We voted, we protested, or we made our opinions known.

  • We didn’t let the news or it’s negativity steal all of our joy and optimism.

  • We kept on moving.

No doubt we’ll remember this year for a long time to come ( even if we try to forget it!). For surviving all of the challenges of 2020, we have a lot to be grateful and celebrate. If nothing else, we know that whatever 2021 has in store for us, we’ll keep moving the very best we can!

Happy New Year! Wishing you happiness, health and good fortune in the year ahead!

Keep moving!



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