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Celebrating Our Milestones 慶祝我們的里程碑

Putting the Spotlight on You!

They say you have to celebrate even small successes in order to keep yourself motivated and moving. This week I had a small milestone of reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram.

10k is just a number, but when I think about how many people saw a post and gave class a try, experienced a love for dance again, made a new friend on the dance floor or found some confidence within themselves from moving , the number has enormous value. It’s a celebration of YOU and what you bring to class! ! It’s about having a space to feel connected to yourself, to the music, and to others.

And so, I want to hear from you! Share your stories of dance, connection, fitness, strength , challenges and more!

This week I’ll be including a link to a google form where you can submit your own story.

Some things to think about to get your creative juices moving:

  • When did you start to dance? Is it a new hobby or a lifelong passion?

  • How has dance changed your life, your body, your heart, or your mind ?

  • Why do you dance?

  • How has dance changed your relationships with others both inside and outside the classroom?

  • What do you most look forward to about class?

  • What else do you want to share about your story?

Why share your story? Because by sharing our own happiness we can help others find their own. If you are comfortable having your story shared publicly, please make sure to indicate so for a chance to be featured in our Student Spotlight .

I want to give you all heartfelt thanks for the support over the past few years! I’m grateful for each and every time you’ve brought your family members to our class, shared our newsletters and videos with your friends, and engaged with me here and in real life. Here’s to spreading more joy to others together!

Keep movin'!







這周我會放一個 Google表單的連結 讓你能夠分享你的故事,提供你一些方向來幫助你打開你的創作泉源:

  • 你從什麼時候開始跳舞的?舞蹈是你的新嗜好還是一直以來的熱忱呢?

  • 舞蹈是如何改變你的人生、你的身心靈呢?

  • 你為什麼要跳舞?

  • 舞蹈如何改變你,在課堂上以及課堂外與他人的關係?

  • 你對我的課程最期待的是什麼?

  • 你還想跟我們分享你哪些故事呢?




愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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