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Beat the Summer Burnout!

Soak up the Best of Summer!

When I was growing up, this week of summer holiday was always bittersweet. Each year, my neighborhood community pool would invite the local fire department for the annual “ Christmas in July” celebration— a foam “snow” party for us kiddos to run through in swimming suits, complete with a poor, sweltering Santa riding in atop the fire truck. This highlight of the summer always struck me as a bit sad. After all, it meant that the first half of summer vacation had now passed, and my August mental countdown clock to the start of the next school year was ticking away.

How different things can feel as you get older! These days when I talk to my adult students about passing the midpoint of summer, a great majority reveal the absolute exhaustion and burnout they are feeling by now and a sense of relief that the summer end is just a bit closer.

There’s a real juxtaposition between the idea of summer as one long, carefree extended pool party with the reality of it as a stressful and taxing season.

  • What if my child falls behind in learning over the summer?

  • How do our family summer plans measure up to those of others?

  • I’m just so tired of the constant “I’m bored!” comments and of having to come up with ways to keep my kids occupied!

With more summer to still go, check out these tips to beat the burnout!

  1. Stick to your “Me Time” schedule. If you’ve let go of time for yourself while playing activity director, tour guide , or chauffeur for others, now is a great time to start building it back in. Taking an hour break from your responsibilities to read quietly or take a fitness class ( even sneaking in an online class with me!) can recharge your energy and patience to keep up with the kids.

  2. Work together. Planning and preparing for summer activities takes a lot of work. Pack the sunscreen. Don’t forget the hats. Are there enough snacks? Where are the water bottles?! It can be tempting to leave the to-do lists to the adults for the sake of speed and smoothness. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to call on the whole family to pitch in. Kids get an education on life skills outside of the classroom, the family bonds while working together, and parents eventually have a lighter load when everyone helps out.

  3. Embrace the boredom. There are few words more terrifying than “I’m SO bored!” coming from a complaining child ~but boredom isn’t a bad thing! The absence of activity or constant outside stimulation gives kids (and adults) the opportunity to exercise creativity, imagination, and problem solving skills. You can let your child know it’s perfectly fine to feel unsure of what to do sometimes. You can even model ways of dealing with boredom in front of your family. “Hmm, I’m feeling bored. I think I’ll get up and dance for thirty minutes.”

With weeks of summer vacation still to go, I want you to feel as wonderful as possible! I’m sticking with you every step of the way, whether it’s through in-person classes that let you escape for an hour of fun, my flexible Unlimited On -Demand Zumba package that you can do from anywhere ( including hotel rooms) or the ten minute Target + Tone dance videos you can fit in with your family by your side.

Soak up all the fun, fitness and connection this season has to offer! ☀️💕

Keep moving!



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