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Back to Class Promotion 開學優惠來囉!

Let’s get back into the groove together!

Hello, September! This week I found myself scrolling through a hoard of “goodbye summer” posts filled with Labor Day BBQs and bittersweet final trips to the beach. Almost immediately followed were endless photos of friends’ kids proudly holding their “first day of school” signs, excited and nervous for the promise of the new school year ahead. Parents’ reactions similarly seemed to be a mix of emotions—sadness, anxiety, relief, and even shh!.. a little delight, at having the kids back to school. Even the city has felt different with fewer kids out and about during the day, quieter parks and eerily silent claw vending machine stores.

While I’m neither a parent nor a school teacher any longer, and in spite of the fact that warm weather is far from over in Taiwan (we’ve got at least a couple more months to go!), the start of September hits me with the “back to life, back to reality” on repeat. Students have returned from their vacations and my schedule is full to the brim again.

These first few weeks of September can be overwhelming for all us. Parents and teachers focus a ton on setting the kids up for success by creating structure and sufficient extracurricular activities. Kids have to step up to an elevated level of expectations and grasp new learning concepts. We all have to deal with trying to catch up mentally and physically to getting back to where we were before the summer holiday.

To help make it easier for you to focus on making some time for yourself this fall, I’m running a “Back to Class” promotion! If you buy a 10 class card from now until October 15th, the card is 2700nt ; ten classes for the price of nine (must be used within 3 months of purchase for HRC and/or Flying Dance classes) ! I hope that by literally grooving together in class, you can get yourself back into the groove of another great school year ahead!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



雖然我並不是家長也不再是學校的老師了,夏天的天氣持續在台灣停留(大概還有一兩個月會維持如此的天氣),九月的一開始我的頭腦中一直響起這個旋律,不停地唱著「回到生活,回到現實」(Back To Life),學生們從他們的假期中回到學校,我的行事曆也再度地被填滿。




愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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