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Are You Ready to Rock your Fall Schedule?!

Prerecorded Zumba Schedule that suits you!

How are you feeling about the start of Pumpkin Spice Latte season ☕️ ?! Ok, I’ll admit I’ve never even tried the Starbucks favorite that so many people use to signify it’s the start of fall 😝 but I’ve dug out my jackets and added an extra blanket to my bed —so, yes, it feels like autumn in Taipei has arrived!

I don’t know about you, but my energy, my moods, my activities, my appetite and more all fluctuate with the seasons so much! In the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me if I had lost weight, and I’ve joked about how my body changes every year along with the seasons. Eating richer foods seems impossible in the Taipei summer heat— but hey, there’s nothing I like more than pastas, chocolate and red wine once the temperature starts to drop!

Listening to how our bodies feel and change with the seasons can help us figure out how to plan a schedule that works WITH us rather than working AGAINST us. I know I’ll be craving more sleep and more treats, so I know I need to schedule more time alone in the evenings to unwind and fit in a few muscle training sessions per week in addition to all that time dancing.

The cooler temperatures, reduced sunlight and busy work / daily life obligations can make autumn days drag on and be exhausting. So planning time for yourself and your workouts is key! If you plan your workouts in advance you are more likely to follow through with them. If you promise yourself to show up at the scheduled time no matter how tired you may feel, you’ll often surprise yourself by how much you accomplish. And even on the days you put in half of your normal effort, you’ll be building confidence and solidifying your workout habit — which is even more important than motivation when it comes to reaching your goals.

So open up your daily planner or virtual calendar and decide now when you will take time for yourself and your well-being this week! We have prerecorded Zumba classes all day, everyday available just for those of you who cannot make it to in-person classes and livestreams. You don’t have time to commute to class? The cold and rain make you want to stay at home? You can’t find time for yourself until after the kids are in bed? Nothing needs to stop you from building the habit if you really want to! Choose the time that works for you and commit to showing up for yourself no matter what!

We are here to keep you moving this fall and beyond!



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