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Are You Ready for an Awesome Autumn?

Tips to get the season started off right!

The unofficial end of summer is just around the corner- are you cheering or crying?! Our suitcases and beach bags are getting swapped out for backpacks and gym bags. Trips abroad get replaced with being stuck in rush hour traffic. The challenge of trying to quell the kids’ boredom now becomes keeping on top of class schedules and homework assignments.

That’s a lot of change in a short time!

Autumn is such a fantastic, cozy time of year and one so many of us go into with high expectations, myself included. After all, as children an academic year felt like a lifetime and one we could accomplish so much in. It’s natural that we set our sights high on revamping our lives at this transitional time.

Whatever your health goals are for the fall, make sure get an awesome start to autumn with these tips!

  • Make a clear plan. We don’t expect students to magically acquired knowledge by the end of the school year without a clear plan-- and the same holds true when starting a new health routine. The World Health Organization recommends adults do at least 150- 300 minutes of moderate intensity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity activity a week, as well as at least 2 days of muscle strengthening activities. Pull out your calendar and scheduling the time you will move joyfully will help you make it happen!

  • Workout from home! If you feel overwhelmed between running to appointments, helping kids get to and from classes, deciding what to eat for dinner and so much more, take the commute time to in-person classes off your plate and get moving from home! My pre-recorded classes make it possible to dance from anywhere at anytime! You can also do the Dance breakdown or Target + Tone videos in just ten minutes!

  • Fuel with fall fruits + veggies. When we think of autumn many of our minds wander to warm yummy comfort foods! Keep yourself satisfied while filling your plate with colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables. Some of my favorites include sweet potatoes, squash, apples, persimmons and longans. You'll be gifting your body loads of nutritions and building immunity against colds and flus as the weather turns cold!

  • Get outside! Autumn is the sweet spot of the year weather wise for many of us! As temperatures start to lower, make sure to put down the electronics or step away from the TV and get outside to soak up fresh air while increasing your activity in relaxing ways. An easy relaxed walk, raking leaves or a bike ride is a great way to get your NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermagenesis AKA- daily activity that burns calories) up!

  • Step up the sleep. With busier fall schedules, work demands or family obligations, aim to increase your time catching Z's! Proper sleep is ESSENTIAL for an incredibly long list of body, mind, and mood functioning including weight maintenance, a stronger immune system, good cognitive abilities and decision making , blood sugar regulation and mood stabilization.

With all the seasonal changes on the horizon, one thing that remains constant is the joy I feel when dancing with you! I want to keep you dancing year round whether it’s for livestream’s like tomorrow’s Barbie party , On-demand class in September, or in-person classes.

Let’s dance our way into autumn together 💕



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