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Are You As Amazed by Yourself as We Are?

Student Spotlight : Angela Wu

"There's no ZUMBA without U!"-- has been a recent Zumba campaign, and similarly, there's no commUnity here for us without U!

Hearing from YOU in our family of friends, students, and dance-lovers is one of my absolute favorite things. YOU amaze me with your strength and energy! And so, we are back with another chance to get to know a member of our family with a Student Spotlight!

This week, Angela Wu has taken time to share her experience joining online classes and her own personal fitness journey. Angela's story is one of perseverance and dedication; a testament to how putting our intentions into consistent actions builds confidence. And while we have been only meeting virtually this past year, the energy, passion and commitment she exudes can be felt through the screen! Read more from Angela below:

Working out is a regular part of my life. When the pandemic hit, I started looking for online courses and came across some of Katie's videos. At that time, I found Katie was also starting to provide online classes, and therefore I began joining livestream Zumba classes.
When I started taking Katie's livestream Zumba class, due to lack of core strength I often found it was hard to copy her exact moves. I love challenging myself, so I began practicing diligently class after class, week after week. I then started to realize how far my energy level improved. Compared to how out of breath I felt when I took the classes the first couple of weeks, now I can dance without breaks and for even longer. I also noticed the appearance of some of my body muscles. The whole new experience has made me feel so amazing! I am so stoked because this is something I haven't felt ever before. I now understand that a Zumba class is a whole package-- whilst enjoying the music and dancing along, I light up inside and out.
I'm so happy I've gotten to know Katie. She often brings lots of fun and joy to the class; her infectious positive smile and energy always empowers me. Especially during these challenging times, it helps me get through low points in my life, makes my body feel healthier, and fills me with confidence!
I so enjoy Katie's smile and humor, as well as the variety of music and dance routines in every class. For me, it's like a feast of the senses every time I take her class. It's a wonderful luxury, and I hope you feel the same way. Let's enjoy more wonderful times together! ❤❤

Thanks so much , Angela, for sharing the impact the online classes and your hard work have had on you inside and out! Angela's story is such an excellent reminder that we can often go beyond our own expectations and amaze ourselves by just sticking with a consistent routine. Remember, hard work doesn't equal no fun! What makes joining our classes so wonderful AND effective? The joy we get from dancing makes us want to come back for more and more!

Want to share your story with us?? Click here.

Keep moving!



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