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Another Week, Another Virtual Class! 另一周,另一堂虛擬課程!

A whole month of virtual classes completed!

I’m super excited to share with you that my Zumba Class #5 is all set to go and now available for you to dance at home!

It’s hard for me to believe I’ve got a month of virtual classes under my belt already. To say that I have a whole new relationship with my computer and the furniture in my apartment is an understatement. All of the hard work has definitely been worthwhile and the feedback I’ve gotten ( most especially from my #1 fan, my Mom! ) has meant a lot to me.

How are you finding the classes? Do the times work for you? Are there songs you want repeated in future weeks? Let me know so that I can keep this going! 💪

I’m also excited to share that Class #4 was taken 180 times! That means 180 meals were donated by Zumba in partnership with the Global Foodbanking Network to those in need due to Covid-19.

Your support means so much! Thanks for dancing along with me and sharing the class with your friends! Thanks for those of you who made contributions in order to help me use my free time to film and put together these classes for you! Thanks for making a difference in the lives of others just by logging in to take a class! As Zumba says, “Your moves matter!” and I’m sending virtual hugs, virtual high fives and virtual fist bumps to all of you!

In other news, from 3:00-4:30pm next Saturday 5/30 (Taiwan time) you have a chance to join a livestream fitness party online from your house! I’ll be dancing along with other great instructors from the Beam and Bounce crew in Taipei for a 90 minute Dance Fitness party!

To register for the class, you’ll need to first pay by bank transfer in Taiwan ( 帳戶:賴姮蓉 台新銀行(812)

帳號: 005-10-132-581-000 )

or by PayPal : . The cost will be 250nt or 8$ USD. After you have made your payment please email the screenshot of your payment to「 」stating you would like to join the party and the link to the livestream will be sent out two hours in advance of the class.

So grateful we can connect through recorded classes, live-streams and in person classes here in Taipei. Wherever you are, sending you lots of love, strength, and wishes for happy dancing!

Keep moving!







同時,也想要告訴你一個好消息,總共有180人次上過第四堂的線上課!這也表示 Zumba 與全球食物銀行網絡(The Global Foodbanking Network)代表我們捐出了 180 份餐給受新冠疫情的家庭。

你的支持意義十分地重大!謝謝你和我一起跳舞,和你的朋友分享我的線上課!也謝謝捐款的朋友們,讓我能繼續用我少少的休息時間來錄製與編輯上課影片!謝謝你登入上課,真的帶來很大的不同!就如同 Zumba 說的「你的『行動』很重要!」在此我傳給你們虛擬擁抱、虛擬擊掌與虛擬擊拳

另外一個消息,下周六(5/30 3:00-4:30pm )你又有另外一個機會可以在家參加一個直播的健身派對!我會與台北 Beam and Bounce 團隊優秀的老師們一起為你帶來 90 分鐘的舞蹈健身派對!


  • 轉帳 ➡ 帳戶:賴姮蓉 台新銀行(812) 帳號:005-10-132-581-000

  • PayPal ➡

費用是 台幣 250 元或 8 元美金。請於付款後,請將繳款截圖 eamil 至 ,並提及你想參加 5/30 3:00-4:30pm 的舞蹈健身派對,在派對兩小時前,直播的連結就會 email 至你的信箱。





( Anna Liang 譯 )

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