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6 Reasons To Find a Fitness Friend!

We’ve got your back to keep you on track!

This summer of lockdown I learned first hand how important it is to have a support system to keep me moving. With most of my classes on hold and struggling to find a new routine, I had a couple of close friends turn into my fitness buddies!

Several times a week since May my friends and I started to do online fitness videos and dance together in my virtual classes. Many of the workouts were more intense than those in my usual fitness regime, yet knowing we were all in it together, I was able to push myself way beyond what I thought possible almost every time!

Each of us came to discover we have our own strengths and weaknesses, and so were able to take turns leading, motivating, cheering on or asking for help. Best of all, even though I sometimes wanted to skip a workout, I knew getting to connect with my friends would always keep me showing up and do wonders for my mood when I was feeling down.

These same friends were also the first ones to join my hybrid in person/ virtual classes once they started at WAO last week. Even with masks on, there is nothing like the combination of dance fitness and friends together!

Why should you find a fitness friend?

  1. Accountability : It’s easier to show up for class or a workout, even on a bad day, when we have someone else counting on us to be there!

  2. Motivation: Good friends know our goals and want us to succeed. Words of encouragement and positive feedback from loved ones can help remind us of why we are working out in the first place, and that we can keep going even when we want to give up!

  3. Burn more calories: When we see others working hard in class, a little friendly competition can help us kick things up a notch so we push ourselves harder and longer than we would have alone.

  4. Learn more skills: New exercises, classes, and activities can seem daunting when we are alone. We are more apt to try new things, challenge our bodies in new ways, and bring some variety to our workouts when we have a friend by our side!

  5. Closer relationships: Moving together in unison to music, cheering each other on, sharing ( virtual ) high fives and more, helps to create a feeling of closeness as we work together towards our goals. Those who slay it on the dance floor together stay together! ;)

  6. More fun! : Working out with friends means more opportunities for smiles, laughter, and fun. Having more fun? We are way more likely to stick with our fitness routines!

The past year and a half of lockdowns has meant more time on our own than ever before. It’s been an excellent opportunity to delve deep into getting to know ourselves better, and still, it’s brought to light how much we need interaction with others.

How have you shown support for others and their goals recently? Who are the people who have kept your heart, mind, and body moving this year? Why not forward this newsletter to them to let them know much it means to you that they have your back?!

And of course, know that we are here to be YOUR fitness buddies! Every class is a welcoming, encouraging, motivating and FUN opportunity to connect and workout with others.

As always, thank YOU for keeping me moving during this challenging year. Having you as a part of our community motivates me to keep showing up to the best of my abilities each and every class!

Keep on moving!



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