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What is your WHY?

A Guide to Connecting to Health Goals for 2024

First week of January : 🤩🥳

Second week of the January:  🥱🥴


Ahh, how high the hopes are at the beginning of the new year, and how tired and unmotivated many of us feel by the second week of January! I know that personally dragging myself out of bed each morning has been quite the mission.  But it seems I'm not alone: while in last week's newsletter I shared some health goals you may want to consider for the year, it's notable that according to Forbes Health, about 23% of people give up on their resolutions altogether by the second week of the year 😱 !

So how do we keep our goals or resolutions at the top of our priority list in the days, the weeks, and the months to come?

Discovering and connecting to the WHY behind a goal is crucial in keeping you moving towards the healthier vision you have for yourself. Especially when adopting new health behaviors that require consistent effort over long periods of time, asking yourself to dig deep to carefully consider your values, motivations, what you enjoy and your own limitations can all help to connect you to a purpose that will keep you moving longer than external forces like the fear of impending bikini season or wanting to impress others ever will.

If you are embarking on a new health journey this year, take some time to  journal using the questions below as a guide to clarify, explore, and connect to the WHY behind the goal you want to reach!

  1. What is the outcome I desire? 

  2. Why is this goal important to me and what values of mine does it reflect? 

  3. What will I gain emotionally and physically from achieving this goal?

  4. Is this goal driven by external pressure and expectations from the world or from my own genuine interests and beliefs?

  5. What roadblocks can I anticipate facing and how do I plan to overcome them?

  6. What will happen if I don't reach this goal?

  7. How does this goal align with my overall vision of the life I want to lead?

The road to reaching a health goal is paved with countless decisions, ever-changing circumstances,  small wins and challenges. Investing some time in deepening your self-awareness can become an invaluable tool on your successful and fulfilling health journey. 

And hey, even if the second week of 2024 didn't go as expected, there's no reason to not start again today, one day wiser and more experienced having tried!

As always, if adding more joyful movement to your life is your health goal for 2024, I'm here for every step of the way!



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