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Vacation Time 開啟休假模式

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Disconnecting in order to Reconnect

Vacation time! As many of you know, I’m headed off today for my summer holiday! I’m making a trip to Berlin, followed by a quick stop back in Taipei, and another week away in the US. For quite some time, I’ve been looking forward to this trip to reconnect with friends, see new places, and give my body some much needed rest.

With the excitement of the holiday, also came the realization that I haven’t had such a long break from work in well over a decade. True that my job doesn’t feel like “work” some of the time, but as today approached, I started to actually feel a bit nervous about having a long vacation. How will I feel without massive daily doses of endorphins and sweat? What’s my identity when I’m away from work? How difficult will it be to get back into my routines in August? If I’m gone too long, will my students forget about me?

Way to start the holiday on a relaxed foot, eh?

My goal for this month is to quiet down these voices and slow down myself; to give myself the space from work and the experiences of traveling to new places –both of which ultimately always help us to know ourselves better. And so, in an attempt to disconnect from work and reconnect with other parts of myself, I’ll be a bit quiet during the month of July with only the occasional newsletter. I’ll share photos and little updates on my IG when I can!

Please note that all of my classes will be cancelled from 7/3-- 7/16 while I am in Berlin. Classes are ON for 7/17-- 7/23 while I’m in Taipei, and then cancelled again 7/24 –8/1. While I’m gone, you can keep dancing along with me on my Youtube channel and check out other great instructors’ classes in Taipei.

Wishing you a wonderful few weeks and see you mid-July!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



因假期接近帶來的興奮感,也讓我發現我已經超過 10 年沒有休這麼長的假了。我的工作有時候感覺起來不像是工作,但是隨著今天的到來,我開始真正的感覺到有一點緊張 : 沒有每天大量的腦內啡與大量流汗,我會有什麼樣子不同的感覺呢?當我不在工作的時候,我到底是誰呢?在 8 月回來之後,回覆我的生活節奏會有多困難呢?如果我離開太久,我的學生還會記得我嗎?

看起來我的假期真是有一個輕鬆的開始呀!( 苦笑)

我這個月的目標是希望可以讓這些腦海中的聲音越來越小聲;讓自己放慢步調;給自己空間來遠離工作 ;增加新的旅行經驗,這些都能幫助我們更了解自己。同時為了達到與工作暫時脫節並與另一部分的自己重新連結,這個月我我會稍微安靜一些,小小的 IG 旅行分享,一兩封的電子報。

請注意 7 月的課表因假期安排有一些調整,我 7 月 3 號到 7 月 16 號會在柏林、 7 月 24 號到 8 月 1 號會在美國,所以只有 7 月 17 號到 7 月 23 號在台北的短暫停留會繼續上課。所以當我不在的時候你們可以打開 Youtube 繼續跟著我一起跳舞,和去上上看台北其他優秀的老師的課。

祝你有美好的兩週,我們 7 月中見!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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1 Comment

Tiffany Wei
Jul 03, 2019

Hi Katie, sounds like a much needed vacay! Enjoy every minute, recoup and refresh! Love your class and your passion and hope to see you soon. Maybe in US? LOL

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