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Taiwan Zumba Family台灣的 Zumba 家族

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Big Zumba Family on our Small Island

As you can see from the photo attached, last weekend’s Zumba Instructor Network Volume 84 filming in Kaohsiung was a blast! Having international ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) and ZJ (Zumba Jammer) fly to Taiwan to lead hundreds of ZIN and Zumba students was a remarkable experience. As someone who teaches a great deal of classes but rarely has time to attend others’ Zumba classes, I was reminded of why I fell in love with Zumba in the first place--amazing music, a sense of community, vibrant people and pure fun!

Throughout the entire day I was truly touched by how accepted I’ve felt by the Taiwan Zumba family--first, through traveling, eating and chatting together with ZINs from all over Taiwan, especially while I had other ZINs willing to dance along with me for a video for an upcoming YouTube channel post (stay tuned!) and lastly, during the ZIN Volume filming moving along with the hundreds of others waving Taiwanese flags in a stunning temple courtyard.

The professionalism and warmth of both the international and Taiwanese instructors and representatives blew me away. The day was an excellent reminder of how honored and proud I am to be a part of a movement that brings so much joy to so many people. And although I don’t have as many opportunities to dance with other instructors on a regular basis, I hope that in class each week, I can help to bring you that same feeling of being a part of a big, happy, dancing family!

Speaking of great events, this Saturday ZES Banai and I will head to Chiayi for our BK Tour Halloween Party. If you or your friends will be in the area, please dress up and come join us from 4-6m! For tickets and more information, click here.

Please note that I will be out of the country from 11/6-11/14, so all classes will be cancelled during this time. If you’ll miss me as much as I’ll miss you, head on over to my YouTube channel to dance along with me at home.

Keep moving! xx, Katie

在小島上的 Zumba 大家族

一看到電子報中所附上的照片,想必你一定看得出來上週末在高雄的錄影超級好玩! 國際級的 Zumba 教育專家(Zumba Education Specialist, ZES) 以及 Zumba 舞者 (Zumba Jammer, ZJ) 飛來台灣帶領著上百位的 Zumba 指導員與學生們一起跳舞,這真的是個很令人難忘的經驗。對於長時間教課,沒有太多的時間去上其他 Zumba 課的我而言,這我想起我一開始愛上 Zumba 的原因:超棒的音樂、互助的社群、有活力的同伴、以及單純享受音樂與跳舞!

一整天下來,這個台灣Zumba 家族讓我感受到扎實的歸屬感,真的很讓我感動。不論是一起旅行、吃飯以及聊天,除此之外我還特別邀請其他 ZIN(Zumba指導員) 一起出現在我接下來的 Youtube 頻道上(請繼續收看)。尤其是,在周六錄影當下,上百位 ZIN 在一個鄉間的美麗驚人的廟宇旁揮舞著台灣的國旗,這樣的情景真令人難忘。


說道好的活動,這周六 ZES Banai 老師一起在嘉義展開我們的 BK 萬聖節巡迴,所以如果你或是任何住在嘉義的朋友有興趣,歡迎穿上你們的萬聖節服裝加入這兩個小時的Zumba 萬聖節派對!購票或是更多資訊

請注意本月的 6 日至 14 日我不再台灣,所以這期間所有的課程都停課。如果想我的話可以打開我的 Youtube 頻道在家和我一起跳舞!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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