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Student Spotlight : Sabina Huang

What’s a virtual class

really like ?

It’s that time again, my favorite — a Student Spotlight! This week I’m ecstatic to share the words of one of my private clients, Sabina Huang .When we first started dancing together a couple years ago, Sabina had never tried Zumba before. In just a short time she picked up the moves and pushed herself to get a great workout each class whether it was Zumba or Fit & Flaunt.

One of the hardest parts about the pandemic has been not getting to see my students in person each week. It’s more than just missing out on work or as much exercise; my students have become like friends and family to me which means I truly miss the time we share together! I’m so impressed and moved by the dedication of my students, like Sabina, who have continued to find ways to keep dancing from home with me.

Check out Sabina’s take on going virtual and moving together despite a busy work from home life!

Having been quarantined at home for two weeks straight, Zumba with Katie is definitely one of the most exciting moments that I look forward to as we'll all be stuck at home for god knows how long.
WFH is very tiring because you get no chance to really stretch out or take a nice stroll during lunch time. My back hurts and I can feel muscles crying from the long hours of sitting in a bad posture that leads to poor circulation. Not to mention that I'm not really an indoor person so I feel a bit depressing for not being able to go out like before.
Zumba with Katie makes me feel that my body is actually functioning. With Zoom Zumba, I feel the same level of passion and excitement as if Katie is leading right in front of me like every private class we had. That 60 minutes of intense moves really pump me up and I really enjoy it.
I highly recommend y'all try Zoom Zumba with Katie. Move your furniture, click the Zoom link and you'll get an hour of happy sweat workout that you really need. =)
Thanks Katie for making virtual Zumba happen!

Thanks so much for sharing your words with us! For all those hesitating to give virtual classes a try, know we are here for you, ready to keep you moving no matter what is to come ! Don’t forget to check out the many live stream and prerecording class options each week for your chance to dance!

Keep moving!



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