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【學生焦點】Student Spotlight on Yvonne Ma

A special virtual student spotlight!

I’m extra excited to share another student spotlight this week because it’s with a student who is staying connected virtually during these trying times. Yvonne Ma is a student who returns to Taipei to join classes in person several times a year, and who is still participating in our classes by doing my ZinStudio classes from NYC where people are still under stay at home orders.

When I received your email on 4/22 regarding this virtual classes program, I was so happy. I called my mom in Taiwan right away.
Finally, there is something I am looking forward to during this pandemic.
I can enjoy music. I can dance. I can give myself quality time not to worry about anything.
There is nothing more important than Zumba at this moment.
I need to wake up in the early morning. Not a problem.
I try to take it easy on my movement for the first round because I don't want my downstairs neighbors to complain about me.
I will have my second round around 10am. That's my real Zumba. I can turn up the volume, to jump, to do any movement I want.
Your virtual classes help me to release the stress from isolation in my tiny apartment.
I am looking forward to having more and more classes with you.
I am looking forward to clapping every night to cheer for front-line workers like your sisters. Our true Heroes.
I don't know when I can go back to work. I don't know when everything can be back to normal.
It doesn't matter as long as I can have Zumba with you.

Messages like this highlight the importance of sticking with the routines that bring us joy even when everything in life seems far from normal . It also makes all those nights I wanted to bang my head against the computer keyboard from frustration of learning the new online class technology totally worthwhile! If you haven’t had a chance to join the virtual class, please take a look and see how it goes! Let me know your favorite songs so that I can include them in future classes! Take photos and videos of you dancing at home with me! And please, if you have some downtime currently, share your story of how dance is helping you get through this time here, (link).

Huge thank you to Yvonne for sharing your story with us. From your entire Zumba family and our community here in Taipei, we’re sending you love and strength!

Lastly, May 6 - May 12 is Nurses Week. Thank you to all of the nurses, especially my older sister and other family and friends, who are working so hard under so much stress at this time. We appreciate all you do!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


這周,我額外興奮地與你分享另一集的學生焦點,因為即使現在的種種困難,她仍然試著保持連結。Yvonne Ma 一年會回台灣幾次來上我的 Zumba 課,身處仍在封城的紐約,她也參加了我在 ZinStudio 的線上課程。

當我在 4/22 收到關於你線上課程開課的消息時,我真的好開心,還馬上打電話給在台灣的媽媽。在這次的疫情中,終於有一件讓我能嚮往的事了。
此時,沒有任何一件事比 Zumba 還重要。

在早上 10 點我又再上了一次課,這次我可以把音樂開大聲、盡情地跳、或是做任何我想要做的動作。


Yvonne 的信中強調維持日常作息的重要,它們不但帶給我們喜樂,即使日常離我們如此的遙遠。這也讓那些想拿頭撞電腦鍵盤的夜晚(為了學會如何使用線上課程的系統)更加值得了!

  • 如果你還沒有機會上線上課程,邀請你來試試,也可以給我一些回饋!

  • 歡迎告訴我你喜歡的歌曲,它可能出現在未來的課程中!

  • 也可以錄下或拍下把在家和我一起跳舞的過程與我分享!

  • 而且,如果你最近有一些時間,誠摯地邀請你分享舞蹈如何幫助你度過困難時刻的個人經驗

非常感謝 Yvonne 和我們分喜妳的故事。來自妳整個 Zumba 大家庭,以及我們的台北社群,傳給妳更多的愛與力量!



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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