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Need Some Help Getting Back into the Groove?

Your Post-Holiday Mindset Reset!

Hooray for the end of holidays!! Haha anyone else feel that way?! I could have never imagined I'd be so happy to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Lunar New Year, and Valentine's Day behind me! Why? Because these days having a more regular routine makes it WAY easier to manage my time and be consistent with following through with the daily habits that are important to me. Who ever would believe that boring predictability could feel so dang good!

Still, knowing I want to get back to my routine and ACTUALLY getting back on track are two different things. Just like most people, I find myself a bit frustrated with habits I Iet slip, or impatient with myself since I'm not exactly where I wish I was as I emerge from holiday season. 

Getting my mindset right  is one of the most important steps I can take to turn my desire to reset my health habits into real action. Read on for four of my current mantras to get moving and feel great post-holiday season!

  1. Get real.. by setting realistic goals! Aiming for endlessly long workouts and unsustainably low calorie meals leads to burnout, injury, and super bad moods, to name just a few! Start with moderate workouts and nutrient dense foods to be able to consistently build back better habits.

  2. Keep calm and the stress in check! Feeling panicked and pressured about heading back to class sucks the fun right out of it. When I feel like I'm punishing myself or frantic with my choices I'm far more likely to feel like I deserve "rewards" and treats that actually undermine my health goals.

  3. When in doubt-- go to bed!! With late-night holiday parties behind us, now is the time to focus on getting more rest. Sleep aids in exercise recovery, hormone regulation, and physical and cognitive function, all of which help you follow through on actually performing the habits you are after. Staying up late equals midnight snacks for me-- so I'm aiming to replace the late-night wine and cheese with lots of Zzz's!

  4. Remember: It's what you DO, not what you GET! Being someone with healthy habits isn't something you are born with or a goal that you reach and then can just give up on. It's the process of DOING over and over again that builds your identity as someone who lives a healthy lifestyle. When you do small health-filled actions consistently rather than look for quick fixes, you build your self-efficacy or belief in your ability to actually stick to your habits. 

Do any of these mantras resonate with you? Do you have any others to add? 🤔

Getting back into my happy, healthy routine is SO much easier knowing that my movement feels so joyful and happens with YOU! Classes have returned to regular schedule and another month of On-Demand Zumba classes are about to begin so come join me for all the support, encouragement, sweat and smiles that await us!

Also,  please note next week there will be no newsletter due to the 2/28 holiday, but we will be back the following week!

Keep moving,


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