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Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Alone 別讓朋友獨自奮鬥

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October always conjures up bittersweet feelings of change for me as the temperature begins to cool down and the days grow shorter. October is also a month filled with lots of great activities like the Latin Heat Zumba Beats Party this Saturday, Taiwan’s birthday on 10/10, and Halloween rounding off the month. Additionally and most notably, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time to raise money for breast cancer research, as well as educate people about the importance of early detection and treatment.

Many of us ourselves or someone close to us has been impacted by breast cancer . It is the most common cancer for women and the second most common cancer worldwide. It turns the lives of our mothers, sisters, friends, and entire families upside down. As with overcoming any hardship, pulling together as a community to support those affected can make all the difference.

Last week I was very honored to teach Fit +Flaunt Burlesque Fitness at the W Taipei for their Breast Cancer Charity event. To me, teaching Fit +Flaunt was especially important because I intend for the class to be a celebration of the soft and strong sides of people, particularly women. For a disease like breast cancer which so directly impacts a physical aspect we associate with femininity, I see the class as helping many women to build body confidence and positive self-image. Certainly on the day, the smiling faces of the volunteers and participants indicated it was also a lot of fun at the same time! It was inspirational to see so many other people joining in the event to dedicate their time, energy, and money to this important cause.

Likewise, Zumba has done amazing work raising funds for breast cancer charities and research. All over the world, instructors host “Party in Pink” events throughout the year with the proceeds going to support The Zumba Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention, managed by Susan G. Komen. Each year fellow instructors who are breast cancer survivors or who have lost loved ones to the disease share their stories at the Zumba Convention in Florida. They highlight the fact that Zumba at its core is about creating a community that is united in dance, health, and LOVE. Additionally, just a few months ago, singer Montana Tucker partnered with Zumba to release a special song and choreography for her single “I’m Not Alone” in honor of Zumba’s Party in Pink campaign for Breast Cancer Research. (Check out a clip of the song here.)

As was said over and over again at the convention and which has become a battle cry against cancer, “Friends don’t let friends fight alone.” Whether facing physical, mental or emotional challenges in life, let’s reach out to others this month and every month so that they know they are not alone. Let’s keep building a community that cares, supports, and dances together!

For more information on Taiwan Breast Cancer Alliance click here.

For more information on Zumba’s Party in Pink campaign or to make a donation click here.

For more information on breast cancer prevention, testing, treatment and more at Susan G Komen click here.

Keep moving! xx, Katie


隨著天氣轉涼、今年即將進入尾聲,十月總是帶給我苦甜交雜的感受。十月有很多好玩的活動:像是這周六的 Latin Heat Zumba Beats 派對、10月10號的國慶日、以及熱鬧的萬聖節;同時,讓我最印象深刻的就是,十月也是國際乳癌關注月,從宣導定期檢查與提早治療的重要到乳癌研究的募款,讓這個月提醒我們乳癌的重要性。


上周我很榮幸受邀至台北 W 飯店在乳癌的公益活動中教舞麗自信。對我來說,能在這樣的活動中教舞麗自信是我生命中很有意義的一刻,因為舞麗自信慶祝的是人們柔軟與堅強的兩面,尤其是女性。乳癌這樣的疾病直接影響到代表女性的生理外觀,所以我希望藉由這個機會,可以幫助女性重建對身體的自信與建立正面的自我形象。看到這麼多人貢獻他們的時間、精力與金錢來支持這個公益活動,讓我真的非常感動!

同時, Zumba 也在乳癌的募款與研究上有很大的貢獻與幫助。Zumba 老師們全年度都在世界各地舉辦粉紅派對( Party in Pink )的活動,活動收入全額貢獻給由Susan G. Komen 所管理的 Zumba 全球研究基金著手針對乳癌預防的研究。每年在佛羅里達州舉辦的 Zumba 年會上都會邀請曾罹患乳癌或是曾因為乳癌失去親人的 Zumba 老師來分享他們的故事,在他們故事中都提到了 Zumba 因為舞蹈、健康與愛所共創的群體所帶給他們精神上的慰藉。幾個月前歌手 Montana Tucker 和 Zumba 一起合作,創造一首特別的單曲 "I'm Not Alone"與編舞來獻給支持乳癌研究的 Zumba 粉紅派對。


想更了解或是捐款至 Zumba 的粉紅派對活動

想了解更多乳癌的預防、檢查與治療,請參考乳癌慈善組織 Susan G. Komen for the Cure。




(Anna Liang譯 )

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