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#LevelUp #升級

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Improving yourself and others

Last week, my newsletter was all about the #iweigh challenge that celebrates how we are more valuable than just the numbers we see on the scale. This week I’m keeping on the social media positivity theme with the #levelupchallenge many of you may have seen popping up on your feeds. Instead of focusing on self-acceptance, this dance challenge was started by the singer Ciara asking people to share 1-3 ways they can “level up” or improve themselves. The song is extremely catchy and the moves are 🔥hot🔥, with everyone from celebrities to the Zumba company officially releasing their own version of the dance. What I love so much about this challenge, though, is the message of motivation.

“Leveling up” can mean so many things to different people. When we want to work on ourselves we might just be able to start with small changes—exercising more, getting more sleep, or reading more. But the small things we do to improve ourselves usually have big impacts on the rest of our lives and on those of others. Feeling good about ourselves makes it easier to be genuine and caring towards others. There are no boundaries to the ripple effects our actions can have. When we better ourselves, we feel good in the moment, we pass that on to someone else by making their day, sparking them to make someone’s week, sparking them to make someone’s year.

Like Ciara sings in the song, “Less talking, more action” and “Team love, don’t want no hate. ” Calling ourselves and others to level up, levels things up for the whole world. Supporting one another in our journeys and struggles to improve can help build a better environment for coworkers, a happier home, or even a more respectful dating pool. I’m working on leveling up my mornings by working to drink more water, approach daily tasks with a better attitude, and fighting my tendency to be cranky when I wake up (not an easy task ;) ). How can you level up?

Keep moving! xx, Katie

世界升級 從你我做起

上一周的電子報提到 #iweigh ------慶祝自我價值遠大於體重計上的數字------的挑戰,而這周我想延續這樣正面社交媒體的主題 #levelupchallenge (升級挑戰),我相信很多人可能都在你們的社交頁面上看過著個挑戰。這個由歌手Ciara 開啟的舞蹈挑戰,焦點不放在自我接受,取而代之的,她請大家分享 1-3 個自己可以「升級」或進步的方法。這首歌非常朗朗上口,動作也十足火辣,讓所有人------從名人到 Zumba 公司------都正式推出屬於他們自己的舞步,但是我最愛這個挑戰的地方,是因為它傳達的是激勵的精神。


像是 Ciara 在歌詞中唱的:「少說嘴、多行動」和「凝聚愛、不要任何仇恨」呼籲自己和大家一起「升級」,一起讓世界「升級」,在我們的「升級」旅程互相支持與鼓勵,我們能創造更好的工作環境、更甜蜜的家庭、甚是更相互尊重的約會文化。現在我在努力的是:藉由多喝水讓我的早晨升級、用更好的態度讓每天的任務升級、以及降低起床氣的機率。你想要怎麼升級呢?


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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