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Is It Spring Yet? 春天後母臉

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Take me back to the Bondi Beach heat, please!

With the weather changing every day, what keeps you moving?

Spring is almost here, and yet, it’s hard to trust that it’s really on its way! Whether it’s hearing about huge snowstorms on the East Coast of the US or the dramatic daily temperature changes in Taipei, there's no denying the weather impacts our moods a great deal! There is a saying in Chinese “chun tian hou mu lian”or roughly that spring is like a stepmother’s face because of its temperamental and drastic changes! When the weather is terrible, forcing ourselves to get out and join a dance fitness class can be a real challenge. One thing is for sure, though-- once you are there and the music starts, you will never regret making the effort to come to a class.

A real benefit of dance is the effect it can have on our moods by relieving stress, boosting our spirits, and building uplifting friendships. So, in this last little push of winter, don't let the snow, the rain, or any other excuse get in the way of dancing your way to happy!

Also, I decided to extend the #katiemovestaipei hashtag challenge from last week until 3/20. Post a photo, a boomerang, or a video of your flyest pose along with the hashtag #katiemovestaipei. The post with the most likes will be reposted on my IG account, and the user will receive a free Katie Moves Taipei 5 class punchcard!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


雖然春天快到了,但是台灣最近的天氣是那麼的不穩定,很多人的心情也跟著情緒化了起來,很難想像美國東岸還下著暴風雪。跳舞的好處是讓妳活動活動身體也能讓你的心情好起來 。 不管你工作上有壓力,天氣讓你不開心或感情出問題等等,都能藉由跳舞來紓壓。我能理解在天氣不好的時候會懶得出門,但是只要你開始動了起來,就會發現來跳舞是多麼值得,在等待春天來的這段時間記得來上課喔。

本週的題標挑戰將延長至3/20!這個禮拜的獎品是5堂課的季票!擺一個pose並拍一張照片或影片用 #katiemovestaipei 發文,得獎者會是得到最多讚的人。加油


愛你的 Katie

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