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I'm Dreaming of... a Silent Night 夢到一個平安夜

Putting Self-Doubt to Rest

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a very active dream life. I’m often able to recall really intricate details of bizarre dreams involving a mishmash of real and fantastical people, places, and of course, superpowers. This week the dreams have been off the charts. It seems that every morning I’ve woken up with the feeling that I have barely rested at all and that my brain just wouldn’t give me a break. I suppose this makes sense since the lead up to the holiday season is full of to-do lists and mental tasks to keep on top of— Did I remember to buy that gift? Are we good to go for the holiday dance performances?

The thing that appears unusual is the huge element of worry and self-doubt creeping into my dreams this week. I’m standing on stage being boo-ed off, show up to the party and no one is there, or discovering I missed the holiday events all together. Waking up feeling exhausted, I can’t help but wonder what my subconscious is trying to tell me night after night?!

It’s so easy to look at others and think that they’ve got it all figured out, especially when it comes to handling the busyness , stress, and excitement of the holidays. From the photos people post online of their impeccable families, hassle-free travel, and even the quick passing season’s greetings we give each other, we may think others have somehow perfected a mix of capturing the “true meaning of the holiday spirit” along with the If we u idealized or commercialized image we see portrayed all around us. It’s understandable that with all that pressure, "the most wonderful time of year" can quickly become the most difficult.

While self-doubt may be souring my actual dreams this week, self- doubt in real life can have the potential to be a true killer for the goals and the dreams we have for our future. It can create so much fear that we don’t go after what we want or make us think we don’t deserve what we desire. It can distract us from enjoying what’s right in front of us because we’re busy comparing ourselves to others. And at the same time, self- doubt can be useful. It can help motivate us to work hard, to be careful and conscientious in our thoughts and actions. It can help show us areas we want to improve, grow, and change in...if we use it as a tool, instead of letting IT use US.

This week I’m reminded that amidst the holiday craze, I need to take time to check in with myself and make sure I’m “gifting” myself what I need in order to keep up with life’s demands and to be able to give to others. I’m really feeling that “Peace on Earth” starts with peace within. And I’m dreaming of just one "Silent Night" of sound sleep! Sending you wishes for inner peace this week too!

Keep moving! xx, Katie




隨著節日來襲接踵而來的忙碌、壓力與興奮,這個陷阱變得更無法避免,就是「看著別人腦中幻想他們的生活是如此幸福、工作是如此順利。」看到朋友在社交媒體上無懈可擊的完美全家福,就算只是快速地互相祝福,腦中也不經意的迅速掃過:『他們ㄧ定擁有像是廣告上幸福完美的節日假期吧!』這是很正常的現象,畢竟「一年中最美好的時光」所帶來的壓力,是可以輕易地把白天鵝染成黑天鵝 ------ 變成「一年中最困難的時光」。




愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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