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How do you show your LOVE?!

Give compliments that count!

With Valentine’s Day this week, love is in air!

Roses, chocolates and candlelit dinners are nice and all, but we all know love is much more complex, challenging, and rewarding than anything that fits in a box.

I LOVE pizza , I LOVE this song, I LOVE YOU! We sure do use the word “love” often!

What are some unique and meaningful ways that we can say and show our love both towards ourselves and others?

Try using compliments that really count!

Nonphysical compliments are a fantastic way to show acknowledgement , appreciation and admiration for ourselves and others.

  • You’re ( I’m) so talented at _______.

  • It’s inspiring to see you do ____________. I inspire myself and others with my drive to __________.

  • I have a lot of respect for the way you ________. I respect myself by ___________.

  • I enjoy spending time with you! I can enjoy my own company!

  • I really admire the way you treat other people! I’m proud of the way I treat others.

  • I learn a lot every time we hang out. I’m committed to my own learning and growth.

  • You make me feel so comfortable to be myself. I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Not only are these special and thoughtful ways to show your care and love, but they also subtly emphasize that we all are more important than how we appear on the outside! 

I LOVE having you a part of our community and I LOVE how much effort you put into reading these newsletters and our classes!

Wishing you a week full of LOVE!



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