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Happy Halloween! 萬聖節快樂!

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Halloween Zumba!

Dressing Up and Expressing Yourself

Happy Halloween! Although Halloween is by no means widely celebrated in Taiwan, random spooky decorations, Kindergarten students dressed in costumes parading the streets, and Halloween themed fitness classes could all be spotted around Taipei this past week. I’m always surprised by the enthusiasm with which people from countries who don’t traditionally celebrate the holiday seem to embrace the day. And yet, who doesn’t like an excuse to have a party and eat treats? In particular, dressing up in a costume is something both children and adults look forward to all year long. In a lot of ways, this way of playing and using our imaginations is something adults need even more than children. People love to be able to put on a mask or costume and “escape” from being themselves for one night. We can take a break from being the responsible, composed person who goes to work everyday, and try on scary, silly, and sexy personas without the fear of not being “normal.”

I’m definitely no exception. One of the things that drew me to burlesque and performing was this idea. Having always considered myself a truly shy person, by dressing up I could suddenly be transformed into someone with much more confidence. I got to explore other sides of myself from the behind the safety of a costume, a skit, or a song.

Week after week, teaching Fit+ Flaunt, I look at my students and see just how much they need this time away from their “real” lives as well. I see how much they enjoy how the music and the dance moves allow them to playfully jump between sexy, strong, cute, and sad emotions they all have hidden deep inside. My favorite part of being a teacher is creating this space for them to use their imaginations and feel safe expressing themselves in ways they can’t do in the outside world.

Whether dressing up this year in a Halloween costume, or just attending a class, I hope you can find time to imagine, to play, and to express the many sides of yourself!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



我呢?也完全不例外。這是我之所以受 burlesque 吸引,甚至開始演出的原因。一直以來,我都是一個極度害羞的人,但我發現,透過裝扮我可以馬上變成一個充滿自信的人,我可以安全地躲在服裝、劇情或歌曲的背後,探索不同面向的自己。

在一週週教舞麗自信下來,看著我的學生們,看到他們是多麼地需要這個時間來暫時地脫離他們的現實生活,看到他們多麼地享受這些音樂與舞步,讓他們有機會將這些已經埋藏在心底的情緒,透過舞蹈展現出來,玩味地在性感、堅強、可愛、悲傷的情感間遊走。我喜歡當老師最主要的原因之一,就是可以打造一個安全的空間,讓學生們能盡情地運用他們的想像力,來展現在日常生活中無法展現的自己。不論是裝扮成萬聖節的造型或是來上舞麗自信的課,希望你都可以找到時間 想像、玩耍、展現不同面向的自己。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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