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Fit +Flaunt Burlesque Fitness Turns 1! 舞麗自信一歲了!

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Celebrating a year of being fit, flirty, and fabulous!

This week marks the first anniversary of my Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness Class. What a year of shaking and strutting our stuff it’s been! To help celebrate, I want to focus this month on sharing more information on the program, more dance videos, stories, events, and a special class deal I have starting in October at WAO!

So, what exactly is burlesque?

The word burlesque comes from the Italian word “burla” meaning to joke or exaggerate. It has been interpreted in many ways by different people over time,. In its modern form, burlesque is often seen as cabaret-type performances that playfully tease the audience and social norms. Many people also see burlesque as a celebration of the human body. Through cute and sexy moves, dancers focus on self-expression, self-confidence and self-love, with the purpose of challenging our ideas of perfection and inspiring onlookers to find the beauty within themselves.

What is Fit +Flaunt Burlesque Fitness?

Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness is a dance fitness class inspired by the fun and flirty movements of burlesque. Each 60 minute class is a total body workout. The class begins with a warm-up including light cardio, body isolations such as hip rolls, and simple dynamic stretches to get the body ready to dance. Once we are limbered up, the class is done in an interval style alternating between faster, more intense cardio songs, and slower-paced songs perfect for muscle toning. Think burning squats, arm circles, and standing abdominal work! In the final 10-15 minutes of the class, the instructor breaks down the movements of one song into parts, and we practice the routine over the course of a few weeks. Students can experience the performance side of burlesque by being able to commit one dance to memory and go home with the knowledge they have learned in class. Lastly, we end class with a slow, beautiful, and calming stretch to bring our heart rates back to normal and show our bodies some love for all the hard work they’ve just done!

How is Fit +Flaunt Burlesque the same/ different from Zumba?

Similar to Zumba, the majority of the class can be done with no talking (except for hooting and hollering 😉) and each song can be followed along to by watching the instructor’s movements and cues. However, unlike Zumba which focuses on Latin beats such as salsa and merengue, Fit + Flaunt is a collection of many different styles like pop music, electro-swing, funk, retro, jazz, electronic and more! Some of the songs are slower paced than in a Zumba class so that we can focus on muscle toning, correct form, and really enjoy making graceful full movements.

How do I join a Fit +Flaunt Class?

I’m also really excited to tell you that starting in October students can register for the WAO Monday night 18:40 Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Class without needing to buy WAO points. You can buy the package of 8 class for 2400nt to be used within 90 days, or just drop-in and pay 350nt ( first timers to WAO only ) or 550nt (for people who have been to WAO before). The package deal ( 300nt per class!) is great for those who are only interested in Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Classes, rather than paying a bit more for the WAO points that can be used towards the other WAO fitness classes. Mark your calendars for October!

Want to see Fit +Flaunt Burlesque Fitness videos? Fit + Flaunt Burlesque YouTube Playlist

So what are you waiting for? Come celebrate body confidence and let your inner diva shine, all while breaking a sweat!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


這周是我自創課程「舞麗自信」(Fit+ Flaunt Burlesque Fitness)的一歲生日!回顧這個搔首弄姿的一年!哈哈~ 為了慶祝,我想要把這個月貢獻給「舞麗自信」,讓大家更認識這一個舞蹈風格,更多的影片、故事和活動,以及 10 月即將在 WAO 推出新的優惠課程。


Burlesque這個字來自於義大利文 burla ------ 玩笑或是誇張的意思。經濟了許多年,大家對於這個字都有不同的定義,但是現今的定義:Burlesque 常常以歌舞表演的方式呈現玩味、挑逗觀眾或社會觀點的內容。很多人也視 Burlesque 為一個慶祝人類身形的表演,透過可愛性感的動作,舞者專注在自我表現、自信與珍愛自己,挑戰觀眾對於完美的想法,並啟發觀眾找到他們身上所擁有的美。

舞麗自信(Fit +Flaunt Burlesque Fitness)又是什麼呢?

舞麗自信是一堂舞蹈健身課,這堂課是靈感是來自於好玩又挑逗的 Burlesque 舞蹈動作。這是一堂 60 分鐘、全方位的健身課程,從暖身開始的小有氧、肩臀伸展至全身的伸展動作,讓你的身體準備好開始熱舞囉!暖身完後,利用快慢歌的輪流播放,搭配強力的有氧和慢步調的肌力訓練,如深蹲、手臂繞圈、站立腹部訓練等。在最後的 10-15 分鐘,老師會分解一首歌的動作,一步一步的教,一周教一段,幾周下來大家就可以學會了一整首歌。在練習後,學生們就可以體驗到 Burlesque 表演的層面,舞步回家也記得,還可以表演給親朋好友或是自己看。最後我們會以一首緩慢、美麗又平靜的收身操作結尾,讓你的心率回復正常,用行動來感謝你的身體帶給你一小時健康又火辣的運動。

舞麗自信和 Zumba 有什麼同異之處呢?

和 Zumba 很類似的地方,舞麗自信大部分的課程也是不說話的(除了歡呼聲和喊叫聲 📷),你只要看著老師的動作和提醒就可以跟著跳了。不同於 Zumba 的地方, Zumba 課主要使用拉丁音樂像是騷莎和梅倫格樂(merengue);舞麗自信使用各種不同風格的音樂,如流行歌曲、電子搖擺樂、復古歌曲、爵士、電子舞曲等等。有些歌曲比 Zumba 的常用的音樂慢,所以我們就可以專注在肌力訓練、調整姿態,以及讓你的動作更優雅。另一個不同處,老師會在最後的 10-15 分鐘分解一首歌的動作,一步一步的教,一周教一段,幾周下來大家就可以學會了一整首歌,在練習數周後學生們可以充滿自信地表演這首歌了.


同時我也很興奮地想要告訴大家,從 10月開始,同學們不用買點數就可以參加周一晚上 6:40 在 WAO 的舞麗自信課程,你可以買8堂課的套票(2400元,使用期限90天),或是付單堂350元(首次在WAO上課者適用),或是單堂550元(有在WAO上過課者適用)。如果你對舞麗自信有興趣,套票方案(一堂課只要300元!還可以省下一些點數和其他課程的費用。)非常適合你唷!快在行事曆上空下十月的時間!

想看舞麗自信的影片嗎? ~~> 😍



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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