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Feeling inspired?

YOU are my inspiration!

Enthusiastic, energized, brimming with creativity, hopeful, passionate and full of possibilities— when was the last time you felt inspired?!

Everyone has had moments of feeling inspired— maybe a time you’ve come up with a great new idea, solved a problem or gotten a wave of energy to grind extra hard at work. We usually imagine inspiration as fleeting moments that are hard to force, or which slip away like sand in the palm of our hand when we try to hold on for too long.

And when we think of someone as “an inspiration” it often brings to mind visions of epic stories of someone going from rags to riches, or a figure standing on stage moving an audience to tears with her story of overcoming a struggle.

Rare, hard-to-come-by moments of exceptionalism might not feel pertinent to our everyday lives, particularly now during another rise in Covid cases. Yet, to be inspired is to be in a state where you feel you can achieve something extraordinary beyond your normal capabilities.

During these more difficult times, we are often being asked to dig deeper in our resourcefulness, to juggle at-home work or learning for our children, to practice patience in the face of uncertainty. Just by getting through a day, we are all being given an opportunity to serve as an inspiration to ourselves and through our actions and attitudes, inspire others.

When we do something like making time to join a dance class, we take care of our health and well-being and thus show ourselves and those we love they too can find ways of bringing energy, passion and possibility to difficult days.

You, my friend, are my inspiration! Let’s keep dancing and inspiring together!



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