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Don't Let Summer Stop You!

Decide NOW to keep moving this summer with these 4 tips!

🎤🎼“ Do you  like Piña Coladas?”... and iced coffees, and happy hour by the pool, and water ice (it’s a Philly summer favorite!) , and bubble teas?

Then you might be like me — someone who has often viewed summer as a chance to take it easy and treat yourself… maybe so much so that when autumn rolls around you feel like your fitness and health levels have really taken a hit.

Between all the traveling, running kids to summer camp, barbecues, poolside hangs, and sweltering heat, you can’t expect willpower and luck alone will have you hitting your health goals. But you CAN set yourself up for an energizing and fun summer NOW with these tips to keep moving in the months ahead!

1. Schedule Your "ME Time Alarm": Summer tends to be a social season, whether surrounded by family, friends or crowds of tourists. It’s all the more reason why time for yourself is ESSENTIAL for the body AND mind. Set a dedicated "ME Time Alarm" for a quick burst of movement each day. Waking up a bit earlier or squeezing in a session when the midday heat isn't scorching are great options. Remember, even a short workout is better than none; the goal is to consistently show up for YOU!

2. Take Your Workout on the Go: Pack light resistance bands in your suitcase for strength training anywhere! Utilize my online classes, especially the "Vacation Vibes Express'' – a quick 15-minute Zumba blast perfect for fitting in on the go. And don't underestimate sightseeing either – ditch the escalator and take the stairs! Every step counts.

3. Fitness Challenge with a Friend: Accountability is a powerful motivator! Partner up with a buddy and commit to 15-30 minutes of daily movement throughout summer. Even while you are traveling, you can keep in touch and each other on track with quick check-in texts and selfies: "Core Crusher 10 min, workout done ✅" – Easy!

4. Swap Out the Sugar: Sugary drinks and treats are tempting when it's hot, but they lead to sugar crashes and sluggishness. Stay hydrated with water to keep your energy high and avoid heatstroke. Opt for refreshing alternatives like fruit-infused water and unsweetened iced tea! You’ll feel more capable of sticking with your workouts when you are hydrated!

Summer is all about fun, but it doesn't have to mean sacrificing your health. I’m here to keep you moving with in-person classes in Taipei until July 25th (then I’ll have my vacation!) and have another month of On-Demand Zumba Classes for those who are traveling or prefer to dance from the comfort of their own air conditioned home! Make sure to sign up now to stay on track with me!

Let's keep moving together this summer! See you in class (or online!)!

Keep moving!



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