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From Follower to Leader 從跟隨者到領導者

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Sitting down with Chris Hubbard to share my story.

Chris Hubbard from the podcast "From Here to Over There"

What's Your Story?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the Year of the Pig! This week it was great to see lots of new faces and old students return to class again after the holiday! The time to feast, rest, and be with loved ones is necessary, but it always feels great (albeit challenging!) to get back to routine and break a sweat!

One of the highlights of my holiday was being invited as a guest on Chris Hubbard’s podcast, From Here to Over There. His podcast is focused on having each contributor share a story of transformation, whether it be a physical, mental, or career change that happens in one’s life.

At first I was really challenged to come up with what I wanted my “from here to there” to be. I’ve gone from living in the US to living in Taiwan. I’ve gone from being an English teacher to a dance fitness instructor. When I looked at the bigger picture, however, I realized that the greatest shift that has happened in my life has been going from someone who is a follower to a leader.

For a lot of my youth, I looked to others to define what direction I wanted to go in life. Through the process of coming to Taiwan and discovering my passion for dance fitness and teaching, I was able to gain the kind of self-confidence that allows me to carve out my own path and makes standing on stage in front of people, all possible.

 I was also reminded that each of us has so many opportunities to make even small changes at any stage of life, starting from every single day--whether it’s the start of the New Year or not. And I know my story of change is far from over.

If you are interested in hearing more about my “ From Follower to Leader” story (and perhaps if you want to challenge yourself to practice your English listening skills ;) ) I invite you to take a listen. I’d love to hear what transformations you have made in your life already or ones you are working towards. What kind of title would you give your story, "From ____ to _____”?  

Keep moving! xx, Katie


希望大家的豬年都有一個美好的開始! 這週很開心看到很多的新面孔和再度回到課堂中的舊面孔。 在春節假期間享受美食、好好休息、與你愛的人共度時光是重要且幸福的,但是同樣的,回歸生活步調和流點汗的感覺真的很好(雖然有些挑戰!)

在我的春節假期中有一個亮點,就是我受邀到 Chris Hubbard 的播客節目「從這裡到那裡」中接受訪問。節目中, Chris Hubbard 邀請創作家/貢獻者來分享他們生活中,不論是身體上、心靈上或是事業上改變的故事。

一開始我覺得有一點困難,「從這裡到那裡」 我該分享些什麼好呢? 「從美國到台灣」?「從英文老師到舞蹈健身教練」?當我將自己抽離這些現有的標籤,從一個宏觀的角度來看時,發現在我生活當中最大的轉變是我從一個跟隨者變成了一個 一個領導者。

年輕的時候,總是看著別人的生活來決定我的人生方向。 藉由來到台灣的過程(一直到發掘對於舞蹈健身與教學的熱忱),讓我找到站在舞台上的自信,更讓我建立為自己人生領航的信心。

這讓我了解到改變並非不可能的任務,只要從每一天的小改變開始,一天一天地累積,滴水穿石。其實在日常生活中我們都有非常多落實小改變的機會,不管你在人生中的哪一個階段,無論這是不是一年的開始,你都可以從今天開始 。我也知道,我的改變故事仍然持續地進行中。

如果你對我「從跟隨者到領導者」的故事有興趣(或許你想要挑戰你的英聽能力 ;)) 歡迎你來聽聽這個訪談。我也期待你與我分享在你的人生當中你經歷了什麼樣的轉變,或是你現在正在往哪個方向努力。你會給自己的故事下什麼樣的標題呢:從____ 到____ ?


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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