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Confident Enough to Connect

And Happy Teacher’s Day!

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We’re closer to wrapping up the month of September and my time as AM ME Sporty’s Woman Power Spokeswoman! Here in Taiwan, we celebrate today as Teacher’s Day — the birthday of Confucius and a wonderful time to think of those that have helped to teach us life’s most important lessons both inside and outside the classroom!

While traditional academic teachers no doubt shape so much of our worldview and knowledge ( and deserve medals of honor for their patience!!) , as adults, it’s often through our closest loved ones, friends, and relationships that we learn the most about ourselves. Life’s teachers can come in so many different forms!

This week’s theme of “Confident Enough to Connect” speaks to this power of sharing our knowledge, stories, and gifts with others.

As hard as it is to believe now, I went through many periods of my life when I was very shy, worried of making mistakes, and felt uncomfortable doing things outside of my comfort zone. Moving to Taiwan– such a different and unknown place– meant doing even the simplest of things felt uncomfortable or out of my control at the beginning. I couldn’t merely blend in or try to hide my differences when I stuck out like a sore thumb.

This experience challenged me to let go of pursuing perfection, but rather pursue finding who I am, imperfections and all. The more I learned about myself, the more I wanted to be brave enough to show the world the woman I am. The more I practiced this bravery, the more confidence I built . The more confident I became, the more I wanted to share, help, and connect with others.

There is power in sharing your vulnerabilities. It allows you to break down the walls of perfection that keep others at a distance. It allows for connection to your authentic self and also for connection to other people. It’s the difference between a teacher who embodies, “ Do as I say, not as I do,” vs. a teacher who “walks the walk and talks the talk.” We all know which of these teachers makes the biggest impact.

Whatever the profession or role may be, our unique skills, qualities, and experiences can be a source of wisdom, inspiration, and guidance if we dare to share ourselves with others. This connection is at the heart of the Katie Moves Taipei community. And we’re so happy to have you here to keep growing in confidence and connection together! Happy Teacher’s Day!



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