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Moving to a space for Tues./ Thurs. Classes!

This week starts another new chapter of our Zumba group classes. We’ve moved to TDC for our Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 group classes! These two particular classes are extremely special to me because they have always been open to anyone who wishes to join (space permitting) and because they are how I first got my start teaching Zumba.

About six years ago I taught literally only two or three friends during my lunchtime classes. Plenty of the time people got sick or had plans and I found myself alone in the small room of Lumi Dance School, dancing on my own and practicing my routines over and over. As the years passed, more people slowly joined our class and as the demand for classes and jobs increased, I made that big frightening (at the time) leap to teaching dance fitness fulltime. We also started to outgrow Lumi as more people wanted to join in the fun. For a long time I fretted over finding a new location before HRC became available for us to hold our class. In the over two years we danced there, countless new people came to try Zumba, students came and left Taiwan, and through it all, we kept those classes going.

Now with a solid crew of keen Zumba goers and thanks to the valuable feedback from you, we’ve found a beautiful new studio to keep us moving! TDC is a fresh, brand new dance space with awesome facilities that I hope we will be happy to call our home!

Nearly every time I make some kind of jump, a step forward or into new territory, I have doubts that I can pull things off. I get scared that I’ll regret my decisions and wish that I could go back in time to when I was simply comfortable or not taking risks. But at the same time, I’m continually driven to see how things can be made even better and know that choosing to seek out change is the only way that I can improve as an instructor and as a person.

I’d like to invite you to come check out TDC and see the space for yourself (you can also see it in this week’s dance video!). Next week while many of you have off from work for the 10/10 holiday, we’ll still be there for class. If you are free, come join us! Here’s to new beginnings and making things better and better!

Keep movin'!



週二與週四的 Zumba 課搬家了!

這週開始,我們的團體課打開了一頁新的篇章。我們週二和週四 12 點半的團體課搬到 TDC 了!這兩個時段的課對我來說分外特別,因為這兩堂課的本意就是設計讓所有有興趣的人都可以參加(在場地容量許可下),還有也因為它們開啟了我的 Zumba 生涯!

六年前,我開始利用中午休息時間教兩、三個朋友跳 Zumba,很多時候大家感冒、或是臨時計畫有所變動,剩下我一個人在 Lumi 的小教室, 自己跳舞,一遍又一遍的練習著我的舞步。隨著一年年的過去,慢慢地越來越多人加入我們的課程,也隨著課程與工作邀約的需求增加,我做了一個(當時)非常害怕的決定------成為全職的舞蹈健身老師。漸漸地 Lumi 教室開始裝不下了,所以在 HRC 開始可以外借給我們使用之前,有一段時間我都一直很急著想要找一個新的場地。 這兩年多在HRC 的時間數不清的人來嘗試著 Zumba 課,很多的學生來去台灣,但是無論如何我們還是繼續上課!

現在因為有一群喜歡 Zumba 的同學們,也謝謝你們真心的回饋,我們找到一個漂亮的新教室讓我們繼續舞動!TDC 是一個全新的舞蹈空間,還有很棒的硬體設備,我希望我們能開心地稱之為「我們的家」。


我想邀請你們來 TDC 一起跳舞,親自來到這個新的空間(你也可以在這週的影片中看到)下週四是雙十連假的開始,但是我們仍然有上課,所以如果你有空,來加入我們吧!期待這個新的開始能幫助我們越來越好。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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