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Are You A Dance Party Animal Like Me?

4 Reasons to Celebrate with Dance

Confession: I’ve been a party animal lately!

No , not on the club dance floor, ( although I DO love a night out!) but in the past couple of weeks I was invited to help add a bit of dance to some fantastic celebrations-- leading a super fun 90's Hip Hop 40th Birthday Party Class and teaching a Bollywood dance for a groom and his groomsman at a wedding reception. And with Christmas Zumba performances, Christmas themed classes and Wei-ya (Company are Year End Parties) season on the horizon, there will be more chances to get down at parties coming soon!

Most of us relish the opportunity to recognize important milestones and to feel the support and acknowledgment of others for life’s big events. Dancing brings something really special to gatherings of all kinds- from proms to wedding receptions to kids' birthdays--putting on music and busting a move usually becomes the highlight of any party in my experience.

As the holidays approach and the opportunities to get together increase, why not take a break from the regular festivities and take things up a notch by bringing some dance to your gathering?!

4 Reasons to Celebrate with Dance

1. Bonding -

Dancing together with others — cheek to cheek with your partner, as a group at a family party or even in a Zumba class—builds feelings of closeness and togetherness according to studies. No matter whether the moves are perfect, we bond with others when we open ourselves up to dancing with them.

2. Nostalgia + Traditions -

Music and dance have the ability to transport us back in time to relive memories or to carry on special traditions. Many of us can remember doing the Macarana with a friend or watching a Father/ Daughter dance at a wedding reception. Dance makes events memorable!

3. Merry Movement -

The idea of exercise can be intimidating to many people. Dancing in a party atmosphere can help promote movement as a social and enjoyable experience rather than a chore! What better party favors to give party guests than health and happiness?!

4. Fun!

Dancing brings more energy, engagement, and entertainment to gatherings. You know that slump that hits after a big meal or the feeling of listening to your relative sing the SAME karaoke song for every holiday? Shake things up and get everyone involved in the fun when you add dance to your party!

Are you in the mood to celebrate? There are many chances to party with us for our in-person Christmas themed classes on 12/16, 12/19 and 12/21! Wear some red, white or green to get into the spirit with our holiday songs!

And if you are looking for a house dance party with your family and friends, check out my On- Demand Zumba Class “Celebrating Ourselves” for a feel good workout you can do any time or anywhere!

Can’t wait to keep celebrating with you all season long!



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