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2024, here we go!

As always, hopes are high for a fresh start to a happy, healthy, peaceful , and successful year ahead!

And according to a survey from Forbes Health, improved fitness is at the very top of reported resolutions for 2024, followed by improved finances, improved mental health, losing weight and improved diet. 

You can imagine with the line of work I'm in, then, just how often I have heard clients, friends, or even strangers share their resolutions for 2024 with me--you WILL be seeing me in class, I MEAN IT. It's the same way you promise that old friend you REALLY will hang out soon to catch up, but feel shameful when life gets in the way and you instead rely on their social media posts to see what's going on in their life from afar. (Hi, that's me!)

After years of being a group exercise instructor, I can tell you I DON'T judge or take it personally when January and February pass and said person never shows up in class. Too many of us are overwhelmed with responsibilities and stress and guilt as is. What I DO always want to say is that your wellbeing is important, it is deserving of your time, effort , and attention, and that finding what works for you is a very personal matter

In many past newsletters I have shared how SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) are most likely to be successful, as well as how to build better habits.  But what if you are stumped on what kind of wellbeing goal to work towards? 

Read below for some examples of fitness and health goals that may seem like a good fit for you in 2024!

  • I'll try a new fitness class once a month until I find something I really love. 

  • I'll learn how to perform a new move ( a pushup, a plank, etc)  with as perfect of form as possible.

  • I'll start weight training twice a week to become stronger. 

  • I'll pause to ask myself if I'm truly hungry or if I'm bored or eating my emotions before snacking.

  • I'll invite a friend or family member to join me for a walk once a week. 

  • I'll eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal.

  • I'll learn a new viral TikTok dance to do with my kid twice a month.

  • I'll put down my device and pick up a book for ten minutes before bed every weeknight. 

  • I'll switch to water/no calorie/low calorie drink options.

  • I'll stretch and move every day for 5 minutes to maintain or improve my flexibility and mobility. 

Remember, health and fitness are not a one-sized, one method, quick fix. They are part of a long term lifestyle that sure, requires effort, but ultimately serves YOU by making it possible to live life more fully. 

And if dancing more is on your 2024 To-Do List to feel more active and more joyful, know that I will be here every shake and shimmy of the way !

Keep Moving, 



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