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Why We Love Dancing Together!

3 Reasons to Grab Your Friend and Hit the Dance Floor!

Have you felt the magic of dancing with others?

After a 3 year hiatus during the pandemic, this past weekend Watson's thousand person Zumba party was back and better than ever! Instructing on stage and looking out at the massive crowd and stunning views at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, I couldn't help but feel emotional. There were many times over the past few years when I wondered when or if I'd have the chance to ever move in unison with so many others again. Dancing alongside an incredible team of Taiwanese Zumba Instructors, my face hurt from smiling, my skin was electrified with goosebumps and my eyes brimmed with tears (you guys know how I get ;) ) as I felt so very connected to myself, the music, and everyone there.

This is the magic of Zumba, the power of community, and the benefit of moving with others.

Why does it feel SO GOOD?

Why do we LOVE dancing together?!

3 Reasons to Dance With Others

  1. Social bonding: According to one study, dancing in unison and with high exertion can build feelings of trust, belonging, and friendship, while also increasing pain tolerance! (Tarr, 2015).  

  2. Shared goals + shared wins: Whether it's for health, happiness, learning or more, we feel more capable of reaching our goals as a part of a team -- and we can celebrate our successes together!

  3. More fun: Smiles and laughter ARE in fact contagious! When we are surrounded by others expressing joy, our brain's reward mechanisms are stimulated too!

We may not have a classroom big enough to fit our 1000+ newsletter subscribers or the 1000+ Watson's event participants, but we are definitely building closeness, support, and joy each time we hit the dance floor in our group classes together! And this coming Saturday, I'm so excited to be back to our Saturday 11am Zumba class at Flying Dance! Come sweat it up and then stick around for some coffee and socializing after class. Even if you can't make it to dance, you are so welcome to come and get to know other people in our community! Message us on line to save your seat at the meetup!

Love moving in unison with you!



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