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Surviving the Summer Sweat 炎炎夏天存活之道

How I’m staying hydrated this summer

Those who take my classes know I sweat A LOT. As in, I tend to look like I just jumped into a pool with all my clothes on by the end of each one of my classes. With multiple classes each day, the heat outside, and rushing between class locations, it can be really challenging for me to keep on top of my hydration levels. Many times I don’t even realize I’m dehydrated until I notice my mouth feels dry, I’ve made too few trips to the bathroom , or I’m feeling slightly lightheaded or even irritable for no good reason.

Over the past two weeks I’ve made a big effort to pay closer attention to staying hydrated and I’ve got to say I’m feeling a world of difference. Everything from my mood, to sleep quality, to energy levels has noticeably lifted.

As sometimes I feel like it can be a bit dull to drag around a huge water bottle reminding myself to keep on chugging, I’m trying to get creative while getting those good liquids in. I wanted to share some of the ways with you!

  1. Smoothies. In the summer, slaving away in a hot kitchen doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. Making a massive smoothie in a good blender is easier than cooking a meal and also lets me sneak in more liquids. I choose any sugar free liquid (water, coconut water, unsweetened almond milk, etc), a green leafy vegetable (spinach, sweet potato leaves, etc.), a favorite seasonal fruit (mango, watermelon, dragonfruit, etc.) a protein (chia seeds, protein powder, nut butter, etc.) and something sour (pineapple, lemon, passionfruit, etc. ) to mask the taste of feeling like I’m drinking cut grass.

  2. Coconut Water. I’ll admit I used to really dislike the taste, but like a lot of things, it has grown on me. Pure coconut water (without sugar added) from a coconut (if you’ve seen my IG stories you know I struggle to open them ;) ) or from a can is a great way to get extra nutrients such as potassium while also keeping your thirst at bay.

  3. Eating your water. Staying hydrated is easier when you are eating more fruits and vegetables. Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, and as the name in English suggests, it’s made up of mostly water (92% water content !). All summer I keep some in the fridge for snacking, and even frozen for throwing in smoothies or as a substitute for ice cream!

  4. Sparkling water. Now, summer is a time when I feel the need for sparkling wine and evening cocktails . I found in the last couple weeks, I could occasionally (not always ;) ) hit the same craving by simply sprucing up sparkling water and adding slices of fruit , some ice cubes , and drinking it out of a fancy glass. Not having a hangover the next day is an added bonus!

Have any other ideas for keeping hydrated and cool this summer? I’d love to hear from you!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


上過我課的人就知道,我 很 會 流 汗 ! 每上完一堂課,我看起來就像是故意穿著衣服跳進游泳池一般。每天3-5堂課、外面炎熱的天氣、以及跑課間的匆忙,對我來說要讓身體保持足夠的水份是一件十分挑戰的事。很多時候我甚至要到口乾舌燥、輕微頭暈、或是沒來由的煩躁,才發現我的身體缺水了。

過去這兩週我很努力地注意自己是否讓身體保持足夠的水份,我發現現在與兩周前真的是天壤之別。 所有的事情,從我的心情、到睡眠品質、到能量層面,都有顯著地提升。

有時候我覺得有一點麻煩(或是無趣)要帶著一大瓶水到處跑,而且還要不停地提醒自己 大灌水,所以我開始發揮我的創意,嘗試一些不同的方法來把這些好的液體喝進肚子裡, 所以我想要和你們分享一些方法:

  1. 打奶昔: 夏天要我在滿是熱氣的廚房裡做菜,並不是那麼吸引我。 做一大杯奶昔的確 比煮一餐還要簡單的多,同時還能偷帶一些水份到我的身體裡,一箭雙鵰! 我會選用各種無糖的液體(像是水、椰子水、無糖杏仁牛奶等 ),一種綠色蔬菜(像是菠菜、地瓜葉等),一樣當季的水果(像是芒果、西瓜、火龍果等), 一些蛋白質(像是奇亞籽、蛋白粉、堅果醬等), 再加上一些酸的水果(像是鳳梨、檸檬、百香果等),讓在我喝進這些切碎的草的同時,讓奶昔嘗起來更加的可口。

  2. 椰子水: 我必須承認我以前並不是很喜歡它的味道,但是就像是很多的事情,我慢慢習慣了。 不論是罐裝或是現開的椰子水(可從我的IG分享中看到那是有多困難),只要是天然的椰子水,它都不添加任何糖份的,所以再補充水份之餘,你也能攝取到額外的鉀。

  3. 吃進你的水份: 多吃的蔬菜水果,能比較容易幫助身體保持充足的水份。西瓜是我最愛的水果之一,顧名(waterm它的英文名字)思義 ,它含有高達92%的水份。整個夏天,我都會放一些在我的冰箱當零食,甚至放在冷凍庫來取代冰淇淋,或是丟到攪拌器裡做成奶昔。

  4. 氣泡水:夏天的夜晚總讓我想要來一杯調酒或是氣泡酒,發現在最近的兩週,當我有這樣的渴望時(並不是每一天) , 我會在氣泡水裡加一些切片水果、放些冰塊,然後到放在一個很漂亮的玻璃杯,來解我心裡的渴,而且這樣隔天還不會宿醉喔!

在這個炎熱的夏天,你有什麼其他讓自己保持涼爽和充足水份的方法呢? 很期待聽聽你們的分享!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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