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Emotional Jet Lag 情緒時差

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Chris Hubbard from the podcast "From Here to Over There"

4 Ways to Fight It!

This week, I’m writing my newsletter as I fly back from the US to Taiwan. This trip to the States has been one of my absolute best, having been filled with tons of rest, way more indulging than I probably should have done, and really valuable time connecting with family! After a trip “home” it always takes me a good few weeks to reacclimatize to being in Taipei. Not only does my body feel like it’s in a different time zone , but my heart and head feel left in a different one as well.

Having made the trip between my two homes so many times over the years, I’m always trying to find ways to make the transition back to reality a little smoother. Whether you are coming back from a long vacation, looking at the end of summer in the not-so-distant future, or just going back to work on Monday after a great weekend, returning to “real life” can be difficult. And so, I thought I’d share with you some of the reminders I have for myself to fight that post-holiday emotional jet lag!

1. Keep busy, but don’t do too much.

I tend to come back from vacation with a huge to-do list. I’m feeling motivated to hit the ground running and don’t want to let anything stop me. Fast forward to a few days after the holiday, and I’m overwhelmed by how much I’ve put on my plate and exhausted from overdoing it. Too much free time works the same way for me. I’ll obsess over what I miss from my vacation and whether what I’m doing in my “real life” is really what I should be doing. Being especially mindful to keep a work life balance in those few key days back helps a ton!

2. Fit in time for something you love.

Prioritize a visit with friends to share vacation stories with, take time to take a fitness class, try to make a recipe for something yummy you ate on holiday. Sticking to things you know consistently bring you joy can remind you of all the good things you’ve already got going for yourself in your day to day life.

3. Rest like you are on holiday.

While you can’t necessarily nap away the afternoon like you did on vacation, making sure you get enough sleep can help you feel more able to tackle the challenges of everyday life and less moody when those “back to reality” blues hit. Opting to put down my phone earlier to go to sleep instead of mindlessly scrolling and coming across others’ beach holiday photos on social media is especially helpful!

4. Be patient.

Realizing that I won’t be able to tackle every work project or be back in pre-vacation shape immediately means I can try to be a little easy on myself. Yes, I enjoyed every minute away from my phone, every sip of wine and every bite of ice cream and Kringle (thanks, Wisconsin fam). No, I won’t be exactly where I left off before I went away. It will take time, like it always does.

What post- holiday tricks do you have to get you back on your game ? Whatever your ways are, I hope making it to a Zumba or Fit + Flaunt class can help you bring some joy into your everyday routines!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



因為多年往返在兩個家之間的往返,我總試著找到一個可以更順利幫我回到現實生活中的方法。不論是你從一個長假中回來、看著夏天的尾巴即將到來、或是在一個精彩豐富的周末過後的那個星期一,回到現實生活中可以是很困難的,所以呢~ 我想和大家分享當面對這樣假期後的情緒時差,一些我常給自己的提醒。







4. 有耐心

了解我不會馬上就恢復能力或是身材,這就表示我可以不用對自己那樣嚴厲。沒錯,我享受我沒有用手機的每一分鐘,每一口酒和冰淇淋和Kringle(感謝威斯康辛的家人) 沒錯,我的心境和去之前不太一樣了。它只需要時間,就像所有的事情一樣!

你有沒有什麼絕招來幫你收心呢?不論你的招數是什麼,我希望參加Zumba 或是Fit + Flaunt的課程能幫助你在每天日常作息中帶來一些小確幸~


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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