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Eat for Holiday Health + Happiness

Exercise is "NOT" punishment for eating!

The slide into the end of the year has officially begun with just one month left of 2023 and Lunar New Year soon thereafter ! When you think of this season what comes to mind? Holiday cheer? Loved-ones near? Food-feasting fear?

Just as common as commenting on the weather, year after year so much of our holiday small talk ends up revolving around what treats we ate, how we ate too much, or how we need to make up for being “bad.” For a season of joy, that doesn’t exactly sound like fun!

Contrary to what we often hear or even might feel, exercise is NOT punishment for eating. When we think of every bite as a sit-up or push-up it not only takes a lot of enjoyment out of eating, it also trains our brains to think of working out as torture. We start demonizing calories, when in reality calories are just energy — energy we need for functioning, thinking and moving.

Instead of thinking of all the calories you want to restrict or try to frantically burn off this holiday season, try to think about what you can add in that will make you feel great! Add more water to your daily sips, add more fresh veggies to your plate, add more happy movement to your holiday gathering ( Bonus tip : Invite me to your company or family holiday event to make it a Christmas Zumba dance party! Email us to set up your party.)

This is one of the best things about Zumba and Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness . Our classes are a BLAST. While burning calories certainly occurs, the fun factor is what keeps people coming back and building their healthy habits and lifestyle. After all, the holiday season comes and goes—we should enjoy those special Christmas cookies while they last— but more importantly, it’s the sustainable and practical health and happiness routines we can keep up all year that matter most!

Schedule for December is out now! If you haven't, sign up to dance💃, sweat💦 + smile😊 with us for the rest of 2022.

Keep moving!



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