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Don’t Just Wish For It…

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Dragon! Many wishes for blessings and success in all areas of your life! 

Beyond just wishing for it, we know prosperity, good health, and happiness do not come from luck alone. Effort, mindset , and consistent habits certainly contribute to the way we experience our lives. And so, seeing as dragons conjure up ideas of strength and courage, it’s my greatest hope for myself and all of you that we are emboldened to bravely move towards our goals this year, whatever they may be! 

Thank you so much for choosing to dance with me throughout the Year of the Rabbit and now into the Year of the Dragon! 

Please note:

❗️ We will be on holiday 2/8-2/14!

❗️ Next In person class is Thursday 2/15 12:30 at TDC

❗️ No class on Saturday 2/17 

Gong xi fa cai and Happy Holiday everyone! 

Keep moving, 


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