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Dancing with Your (Inner) Child 與你(心中)的小孩共舞

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Ricky and Vincent, two of my favorite little dance party buddies!

It's Home Dance Party Time!

Over the past six months that I began the newsletter, one of the main goals I had was to keep up with weekly YouTube videos to enable my students and others to dance along at home. Last week, I asked those stuck inside during the typhoon to post videos of themselves using the YouTube videos. I was so touched when some students shared that they danced together with their children at home.

Although I’m not a parent, over the many years I was a kindergarten teacher, I spent a lot of time moving and shaking with little ones. Nothing could quite get the room as full of smiles and giggles, even from the shyest of students, as a dance party!

Putting on music and getting up to groove has so many benefits for kids and parents alike. Physically and emotionally, it’s a great way for children to burn off their endless supply of energy while adults can relieve some of the stress of work and parental responsibilities. Happy, upbeat music and some bouncing around can turn even the worst moods around for kids and grownups alike.

Having a dance party needn’t be structured, such as following along perfectly to a routine on my channel. It’s an opportunity for kids to express themselves creatively, and develop self-confidence moving their bodies however they feel the music inspires them. Further, dancing together creates a feeling of closeness and bonding as you move in step together and raise your heartbeats-- something that time in front of the TV or playing on i-Pads can’t quite do.

Home dance parties allow parents to burn some extra calories while helping children build a natural, positive attitude towards being active. It’s like sneaking extra vegetables inside your kid’s favorite meal. For children who may not see themselves as particularly athletic and who shouldn’t be pressured to “suffer” through exercise, it shows them that moving their bodies and sweating can be fun, instead of a chore or torture. It helps to create an ingrained idea that being happy and healthy can go hand in hand.

No matter what your age, there is something child-like about losing yourself in music. It can take us to a time where we were less self-conscious about how our bodies looked and more concerned with enjoying being in them. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or just someone looking for other ways to get in extra exercise, why not put on some happy tunes, and get down and silly with your own dance party at home!

Stay tuned as I share some of my favorite videos from students dancing at home, and keep an eye out for parent & child classes I hope to have in the future.

Keep moving! xx, Katie










愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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