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Community Cheer!

Joy to Our Zumba Family!

I’m feeling warm, fuzzy, buzzing, sparkling, and shiny inside! And no, I’m not talking about cozying up in my Christmas pajamas or how I feel after a glass of mulled wine! 😜

My reason for feeling so joyful this season has everything to do with community... and that includes YOU!

As I shared last week, my calendar has been filled to the brim with awesome group classes and events that have also been filling my heart!

Last weekend along with Certified Meditation Coach Jessica Kay Lee of The Lotus Pond and author and creative writing teacher Brenda Lin, and I co-facilitated a unique Breathe, Write & Flaunt workshop which explored mindful, creative, and expressive sides of dance movement. From slow, intentional breaths to gentle self-touch,and even explosive, playful group dance — I was and am still in AWE of the beauty and power we felt while moving together!

This morning, my longtime Welcome To Taiwan International Women’s Club students performed our jolly Christmas routine at the club’s annual holiday luncheon. Coming from far reaching corners of the globe, a long list of countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds, the class embodies how differences can be celebrated, while at the same time,what unites us as humans can be embraced.

And finally tonight, an after-class meet up for classmates where we put names to familiar faces and shared our own stories of how we found our way to a fitness class that feels just SO FUN.

So many incredible individuals and such magic when coming together!

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to celebrate the way that joy is uniquely amplified when we are in the presence of others. The purpose of holidays, after all, is to bring people together to mark a time of significance. We stop business as usual, we remember, we celebrate, and we connect over special traditions or rituals.

In the absence of freezing weather and decorating a tree with my family back in the US, coming together with our community for Christmas Zumba parties has been one of the most important ways I get into the holiday spirit each year.

So please, come join us for one of our Christmas Zumba Party classes (12/16, 12/19, 12/21) to not only dance to our favorite holiday tunes while dressing up in red or green, but to celebrate the cheer we give and receive through our community of movers all through the year!

Keep moving’


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