Easing In to In-person Class: Tips for Reducing Anxiety about Coming Back to Class


Be prepared! : Bring extra water, a towel, and extra masks for once you start to sweat!

Be early! Allow more time before class to follow Covid-19 guidelines like temperature checks, sanitizing your hands, and choosing your socially distance spot to dance.

Be patient! Don’t push too hard during your first class back. You may need to take more breaks during class— speak kindly to yourself— it takes time to build endurance back!
有耐心:前幾堂實體課不要對自己太嚴格,你也許需要比以往更常休息 ------ 對自己仁慈 ------ 重建續航力是需要時間的!

After class care! Help your body adjust to working out again with extra gentle stretching, foam rolling, or heat or ice if necessary.

Bring a buddy! Having a trusted friend join you in class can help!

We are here for you!

​​One year quickly grew into a dozen filled with an array of professional and personal projects including heading ESL workshops in China and studying Chinese. 


During this time, I rediscovered my passion for dance while performing and touring the island in a burlesque dance troupe. When I attended my first Zumba Fitness class, I was immediately captivated by the combination of dance and fitness made accessible to people of every background, ability, and age. This prompted me to begin my dance fitness career in 2013 and go on to become licensed in teaching Zumba® fitness, Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr., Aqua Zumba®, and Strong by Zumba®, as well as a certified AFAA Group Exercise Instructor. Since then, I’ve taught classes of all sizes and have been invited as a presenter at large fitness events both throughout Taiwan and internationally.

Inspired and empowered by my time performing burlesque, I created Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Fitness as a dance workout based on inner and outer confidence, grace, and strength. Additionally, my love for and experience in teaching children led me to develop Family Moves with Katie as a way for parents/ caretakers and their little ones to share the joy of movement together.

My time in Taipei has given me endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Among those I value most has been the ability to spread the dance fitness movement to countless people. I have had the honor of being featured as a dance fitness instructor to top Taiwanese celebrities in magazines such as Vogue China, on various Taiwanese TV shows, as well as in online segments like Elle TV.

Whether working with one-on-one clients or dancing in front of thousands of people, I’m driven to share dance as a tool for self-expression, health, and connecting with others.

In my free time, I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen (especially baking sweets!), going to Chinese class and having impromptu living room dance parties with my loved ones.  

Thanks for joining me here! Looking forward to moving along with you!

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