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教 Zumba 十年學到的十件事
Lessons Zumba Taught Me

1. 運動是良藥。Movement is medicine.
2. 舞蹈可以與人交流。Dance unites.
3. 妳能做的比妳想象的更多!You can do more than you think!
4. 偉大的領導者幫助他人發光。Great leaders help others shine.
5. 即使是熱愛的事物也有陷阱。Even passions have their pitfalls.
6. 比較會導致失誤。Comparison causes missteps.
7. 不要讓錯誤阻止妳!Don’t let mistakes stop you.
8. 社群是關鍵。Community is key.
9. 擁抱自己的風格。Embrace your own style,
10. Zumba 真的適合每個人。Zumba is for everyone!
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