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Don’t Put it Off- Plan For It!

When we want to reach a goal it’s easy to put it off — I’ll restart my healthy habits after Lunar New Year, or when I finally have X, I’ll be able to focus on my goal.

Make a plan to feel great during Lunar New Year!
讓我們一起做好 過個好年 的計畫:

Set specific goals - I’ll take 15 minutes for my health each day!
設定明確的目標 - 每天要投資 15 分鐘在我的健康上!

Be flexible - during holidays disruptions come up,
be compassionate towards yourself!
有彈性 - 假期間有時候計劃趕不上變化,善待自己!

Join us for Lunar Light Up!
Get a plan to tailor to YOU, dance, and be supported by us!
和我們一起參加點亮過年 -
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