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You Are Enough!

And Awesome October news!

服飾 Outfit by AM ME Sporty


Awesome October is off to a great start!

Although my time as AMME’s September’s Woman Power Spokeswoman is up, I brought in the new month by helping AM ME celebrate their 3rd Anniversary this past weekend. Being invited to teach a super fun ( and sweaty! ) intimate 30 minute Zumba and 30 minute Fit + Flaunt dance party ( Video ) was the perfect way to put into motion the message we have been sharing : “I Am Me. I am Enough.

On Saturday, AM ME’s showroom was brimming with staff, influencers, and friends — of different body types and ages— and nearly all of the participants had never taken a dance fitness class before. Effort over execution, practice over perfectionism, fun over trying to fit in — these are the qualities I saw in each unique face that filled the room. These are also the qualities I’ve been working on cultivating within myself.

At the times in my life when I was predominately preoccupied with only the aesthetic effects of exercise, I never felt like enough. I wasn’t skinny enough, working out enough, or good enough. Dance fitness has helped me connect to the brave, bold, strong, soft, free, feeling, and confident sides of myself. It has helped to bring me a more peaceful, respectful and gratitude-filled attitude towards my body which in turn makes me want to better care for and love my body.

I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to collaborate with AMME and to share so much with you! Through the past month of deeply reflecting in order to create posts and videos, I had daily reminders of the goal and passion I have for helping even more people use the power of dance fitness as a way to connect to themselves and one another.

And in October we have even more opportunities to do so:

Let’s keep our community moving, shaking and reaching even more people with our message of “ I Am Me! I am Enough” all month!

Awesome October starts now!



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