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Who Are You and Who Will You Be?

Engage with 2022!

Happy New Year!!

Are you pumped for another fresh start or are you happier to hide under the covers and hibernate this winter? However you are feeling— from energized to uninspired— this time of year lends itself to some serious self-reflection.

With a new year, more experiences, perhaps even new resolutions, changes, and habits we want to form for 2022, we may be asking ourselves, “Who am I really?” or “Who do I want to become?” Not exactly quick, easy questions, or ones we will ever completely answer by the end of our journeys here.

I wanted to share this quote that I recently read from psychotherapist and author Mel Schwartz: “ How different would life be if rather than asking who am I, we contemplated how we’d like to engage life?

Perhaps I like this quote because it seems to take some of the pressure off of thinking I need to figure myself out completely or even grow into this ultimate version of myself. Instead, it highlights the countless occurrences, changes, and opportunities that arise each day and our role in how we respond. Rather than thinking of myself as a static being, I can focus on how I interact with the ups and downs of daily life, whether it be with more patience, less anxiety, more playfulness, or greater focus.

The past two years have taught us how making plans and resolutions doesn’t always translate to being able to control outcomes. We’ve had to adopt more adaptable attitudes towards work, exercise, schedules, hangouts, and holidays. While it’s impossible to know what 2022 will have in store for any of us, we know that life, the world, and time wait for no one. Given that, how can we engage, celebrate, savor, impact, shape, or add value to our lives or those of others this year?

Whatever your 2022 ambitions, we hope that through spending time on yourself by taking class and dancing, you will feel the energy, self- confidence, and support of our community in reaching your goals and engaging with life as you want to this year!

Looking forward to moving with you all through 2022!



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