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What are you hiding?

You gotta be brave enough to boogie down!

Confession time: There were years I would have never considered myself a dancer and told no one I even so much as liked to dance because I thought I was not and would never be good, talented, or professional enough. I kept my love of dance from others out of embarrassment and a lack of confidence— in college even sometimes waiting for my roommate ( an actual dancer in a NY dance company ) to leave so I could lock the door , turn out the lights, turn up the music, and feel free to move.

There are so many quotes about dance that I love, and this is by far one of the most well-known and a favorite of mine : “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Martha Graham.

Dancing can feel quite the opposite of “hidden” — if anything, we may feel vulnerable and exposed when we are dancing. We judge ourselves and our movements, fear looking stupid, or joke about needing a few drinks before we can let go on a dance floor.

The more I dance and teach dance, the more I believe dance is not only about training and technique , it’s about listening to what your soul is saying, then learning how to express how you feel and what you want to say with your body through movement. It’s about being brave enough to not keep yourself hidden.

I hope that you will always know and feel that you don’t need to dim your dance diva light when you are with us! We want to see your passion for dance and for just simply being alive. We want you to take this amazing feeling out in the world and bring it to others you meet!

Know someone who could use hearing this? Go ahead and share the newsletter :) Know someone who would benefit from an hour of sweating and expressing , smiling and stretching? Why not invite them to a class and help show them just how we build confidence, connection, and community together through dance!

As always, keep on moving!



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