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What Are You Feeding Your Mind?

4 Mental tips for reaching your goals!

Do you ever feel like the biggest thing getting in the way of your wellness goals and happiness is, well, yourself?

You know what you “should “ do , how you “should” feel , but that only seems to make things worse - you judge yourself harshly and feel trapped in a cycle of self sabotage.

You aren’t alone!

Just as we need rich soil for a garden to grow or proper nutrients for a strong body, paying attention to and nurturing the thoughts that feed our mind can make a big impact on reaching our goals.

With any wellness journey or life goal, our motivation and moods will be in flux. Just last week I was feeling fantastic as I finished work Wednesday night, when things seemed to come crashing down after I took a nasty fall off my bike Thursday morning. “Wow! I’m so happy with my persistence” turned into “What’s wrong with me?!” in less than 24 hours.

While I’m healing up and back to work thankfully, it reminded me of how like my father often says, sometimes the most painful or difficult part of things isn’t the physical pain, but what’s going on between our two ears.

How can we help leverage our thoughts and self-talk to keep us on track with our goals?

Try these 4 tips for feeding your mind well to stay on track with your goals!

  1. Be aware of your thoughts. Journal, meditate or take time to listen to your inner dialogue! What are you telling yourself? Instead of judging yourself for having negative thoughts, accept that even the most confident of people feel like a failure at times.

  2. Take inventory of what you consume. Do the TV shows, social media, news, etc. you see and hear inspire you or leave you feeling down and comparing yourself to others ?

  3. Find an affirmation that feels right to you and use it often. “ I’m enough.” “I’m learning to respect my body.” “I’m trying my best.”

  4. Surround yourself with people whose mindsets you admire and who build you up! Giving encouragement to others can also help give your mind and spirits a lift!

How do you keep your mind in the game when working towards your goals? Let me know!

And finally, Happy Women’s Day to all the ladies in our community! To move with women is to be moved BY women. Your moves are strong, graceful, fierce, funny , free, emotional, brave, vulnerable and never stop inspiring!



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