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Visions for 2019 新年新的你

Start By Seeing Yourself

“New Year! New You!” Well, we’re over one week into the new year and I honestly don’t feel any different. I’ve been looking with awe at all of my friends’ posts about new exercise routines, healthy habits, and reading more books, but I’ll admit I’m not feeling particularly motivated to set out a clear resolution for myself this year!

In a previous newsletter, I shared with you one of my favorite activities for ringing in the new year-- creating a vision board of what I hope to achieve during the year. Now, last year my board was beyond full. I filled every single space with a magazine clipping, a quote, or some explicit goal I had for myself. Last week, I begrudgingly gathered with friends to create this year’s vision board. I say begrudgingly because this year, for whatever reason, I couldn’t see myself writing down every single instruction I had for myself as I had in past years ( “ cook a healthy meal 2 times a week”, “get at least 8 hours of sleep”, “read one non-fiction book per month,” etc.). Was this a sign of a bad year to come?

As I began to page through magazines looking for inspiration, I decided to let go of the long list of areas I want to improve in. Instead, I searched for images and quotes that appealed to me. Once I began to paste the images on the board, I was able to see common themes. Many things were related to dance, well-being, connection with others, and commitment to self-growth. It seemed to reflect that I already know much of what brings me happiness and I already have a pretty good idea of what I define fulfillment as . Having this kind of self-knowledge felt like the first steps to being on a track that is right for me in 2019.

For me, that is enough this year. And, if things don’t get started off on the right foot.. there’s always the Chinese New Year reset to take on a better resolution!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


「新年新的你!」2019 的第一周剛過了,老實說我並不覺得有什麼不同。加上看著朋友們關於「新的運動計畫」、「培養健康的習慣」和「讀更多的書」的po文,讓我又敬佩又害怕,怕的是因為我必須承認今年的我並沒有動力寫下我的新年新希望。在之前的電子報我曾和你們分享,為了迎接新年的到來,我最喜歡的活動之一就是製作我的願景版 - 剪貼上今年所想要完成的事。去年我的願景板超級滿,被我貼滿雜誌的剪貼照片、激勵人心的名言佳句以及期許自己達成的目標。上周我不情願地找朋友們一起做願景版,我之所以說『不情願』是因為今年不曉得為什麼,我就是沒有辦法像以往一般可以很清楚地一一寫下今年的指示,像是:每周下廚兩次做健康的料理、至少睡 8 小時、每個月看一本非科幻小說的書。難到這是我今年會過得很糟的一個徵兆嗎?

當我在翻著雜誌尋找靈感的時候,我決定要放棄『自我提升』的這張落落長的清單,反之我開始找尋吸引我的圖像照片、金句名言,當我開始貼上這些圖片時,逐漸地我看到一個共同的主題 ------ 他們全都是圍繞著跳舞、為善、與人交心的互動、以及對自我成長的承諾。這似乎反映出我對自己已經有一定的了解程度,做什麼事情是真正會讓我自己開心的,對我而言充實的生活具有什麼樣的定義。有這樣的自我認知讓我覺得2019年自己正往我想要的方向前進。


而且,如果這個新年起步不是很順利,我們還有過年 ------ 另一讓我們寫下「新年新希望」的機會。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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