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Two Stars and a Wish 兩個星星 & 一個願望

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

🌠 🌠 🙏

Last week, I shared with you the start of a "100 Days of Health" challenge I recently joined with other women in Taipei. The purpose of the challenge is to identify aims for well-being, set out plans of action, and cheer each other on to reach these goals. Now, setting health goals in and of itself can already be challenging. Many of us have a long list of things we wish we could change about our bodies, bad habits we wish we could kick, and physical feats we wish we could perform. It’s hard to whittle down the list to just a few manageable objectives.

Even after choosing our goals and getting started, it can be can confusing to know how to measure our progress and success. Sure, if the goal is simply to shed kilograms, seeing the numbers on the scale go down can be considered a “win.” But does this really give a complete picture of the methods and the sustainability of adapting a healthier lifestyle?

The moderator of the "100 Days of Health" group encouraged us to share “two stars and one wish” at the end of our first 5 day check-in with the other members. She asked us to think about two areas in which we felt we did well over the week and one area we hope to improve on. I really loved looking at the week in this way. As a kid, I can remember hanging star charts on the fridge and the feeling of accomplishment I got upon seeing a completed row of flashy star stickers. These charts seemed to reward consistency and effort over time more than the final result.

I’ll admit, gifting myself a shiny gold box of Godiva chocolates might not have exactly been a “gold star” health moment of last week, however, giving myself credit for victories, such as the additional time I spent in the kitchen cooking healthy meals, feels more productive than honing in on my shortcomings. Looking at areas for improvement as "wishes" also means seeing where I missed the mark as opportunities for refocusing on what I want to achieve, instead of as failures.

Whatever your idea of success is, the road is sure to have many ups and downs. Remember to give yourself plenty of stars along the way!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

🌠 🌠 🙏




愛你的 Katie

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