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Things are Shakin' Up in Taipei 台北也舞動起來!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Awesome Zumba crew in Guangzhou!

Lots of great events coming to Taipei !

Zumba is currently the most popular group exercise class around the world, and the craze has definitely come to Taiwan. While Zumba has existed in Taiwan for close to ten years, it’s a really exciting time for the instructor and student community here right now. Not only are there growing numbers of instructors, students, and classes, but there has been an explosion of Zumba events and an increased number of international instructors coming to our awesome little island.

We are really fortunate to be able to have some internationally recognized instructors coming to Taiwan in the near future. In just two weeks, one of the "it" instructors of the moment, ZJ Rony Gratereaut, will be heading to Taiwan for the first time. Rony often shares the his experiences coming from very humble beginnings in Puerto Rico and has become well known for his ability to inspire, his "Puerto Rican Flow" and Hip hop specialties. During his May 26 and May 27th events in Taipei, he will be joined alongside ZJ Yuko Tanaka, a Mexican-Japanese instructor with a strong background in Kizomba, a slow and sexy form of dance from Angola, East Africa.

Several weeks later, the power-duo ZJ Benjamin Richard of France and ZJ Rodrigo Angello of Brazil, will be returning with their amazing House Music Experience. This is all in addition to a slew of other great classes from visiting Zumba Jammers and Zumba Education Specialists from around Asia and the world who are set to come to Taiwan in the coming months. As Taiwan puts itself more and more on the Zumba map, our own ZES continue to travel abroad to help share some of their moves and Taiwanese culture. I’m also really excited for my trip to Guangzhou, China this coming weekend to bring some of my own American and Taiwanese (at heart) Zumba love to the people there!

All of these upcoming events are amazing opportunities to connect with people from wide and far, learn a ton of new dances and skills, and even share our own cultural experiences with those unfamiliar with them.

While the most popular rhythms of Zumba are Latin music based, in one short hour we can really take a tour of the globe as we listen to Indian, Caribbean, African music and much more. Each class is a celebration of the diversity of the cultures of the world. It is an appreciation for the style, the flavor, and the joy people have in any particular place. But even more so, it is a reminder that there are fundamental similarities between people across all cultures. In spite of all of our differences, dance is powerful enough to unite us and keep us moving to the beat of the music together!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



5/26,27這兩天,兩位有名的老師就要來台灣了。一位是波多黎各的Rony老師。他的舞風融合了salsa及Hiphop,另一位是有墨西哥及日本血統的Yuko老師。她專長是Kizomba ,也就是一種東非舞蹈。6/16 很紅的兩位老師Benjamin(法國人)及Rodrigo(巴西人)要來台灣教大家House Music Experience。以上這些Zumba活動都是跟各國老師們面對面的難得機會,見識一下國外的Zumba文化,也能讓老師們體會到台灣的人情味。接下來的幾個月都會有不同的外國老師要來台灣教課,我們台灣的老師也受到國外的盛情邀請,分享台灣的Zumba Love到世界的各個角落。 這個週末,我很期待出席廣州的Zumba課,分享我的美國(及台灣!) 的文化,並向他們學習學習。

Zumba音樂主要是拉丁樂,不過幾乎每堂 Zumba課都像是世界各地音樂文化的巡禮。你會發現,不管你來自哪裡,透過舞蹈這個共同語言,能讓我們匯聚在一起。


愛你的 Katie

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