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Thanks, Body!

5 Ways to Practice Body Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you shown your body how thankful you are for it lately?

With everything happening before the holidays and everything going on in the world, lately I find myself constantly looking down at my phone, eyes on the news or various messages, and stuck in my head with an endless stream of thoughts. One of the best ways I am able to bring myself back to the moment, to feel hopeful and productive rather than paralyzed by overwhelm is to bring my attention to my body.

How often do we ignore our bodies or take them for granted? It's usually not until we have a cold that we appreciate being able to breathe through both nostrils, or after an injury that we realize that taking the stairs rather than the escalator might actually be a gift rather than torture. It's easy to focus on all our bodies CAN'T DO, what physical aspects of our bodies we are unhappy with or what we wish we could rush to change about our bodies. After all, nearly every advertisement, frequent comments from other's regarding appearances, or obsessing over own reflections in the mirror seem to promote this idea that how our bodies look equates how good we deserve to feel.

With Thanksgiving being celebrated in the US tomorrow, and all the potential stresses from holiday feasting and gatherings ahead, why not bolster your mood and motivation with a doze of body gratitude!

5 Ways to Practice Body Gratitude

1. Journal.

Pick up a pen and paper and explore appreciation for what your body CAN DO rather than what is lacks with prompts like :

  • I am grateful for my body's ability to _____________.

  • My body has helped me to ____________.

  • My favorite way to care for my body is _____________.

2. Do a body scan.

Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Bring your attention to individual parts of your body moving systematically through the body from head to toe to the tip of your nose. Notice the sensations of each body part and release any tension.

3. Explore your senses.

Savor tasting a piece of fresh fruit. Take in a dazzling sunset. Listen to a song that moves you . Notice a stranger's smile. Massage your own stiff neck. Bask in your body's abilities.

4. Move!

Choose a type of movement that makes you feel great- anything from a slow walk, tapping your fingers to your favorite song, an easy stretch or an all out sweaty dance floor party! (Check out my Gratitude Attitude On-Demand Zumba class to move around at home before you get into the turkey!) Choose Single OnDemand class

5. Rest

With the wide range of abilities and internal functions our bodies perform, remember you aren't a machine. Try going to bed just a bit earlier. Move your pillows and blankets to the sofa and have a night in on the couch. Take a warm bath.

As always, I'm so very grateful for having you as a part of our community. No matter what you are celebrating or what challenges you are experiencing at the moment, I'm wishing you some moments of peace and self-appreciation!

Please note next week I'll be taking the week away from our newsletter and will only be teaching one in-person group class on Tuesday night at SunnySide Space as I'll be away teaching at a private event and off traveling for a few days! To keep dancing with me head over to my On-Demand classes!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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