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Taking on Challenges 接受挑戰

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

What kind of new challenges are you working on?

In the past few weeks since I started the Katie Moves Taipei Newsletter, several people have asked me about my reasons behind putting this little passion project together. Foremost, I wanted to have a way to keep in better touch with my students. Because so much of our time together is spent dancing and singing along in class, I felt the desire to be able to share and connect in ways other than the smiles, hip shakes, and post-class photo ops.

On a personal level, I wanted to give myself a challenge. In keeping up with the newsletter, I knew I would have to set aside some time each week to reflect on the work I’m doing, get creative to make new dance routines, find new music, and spend time having my teacher ( Thanks 謝謝, Eve老師 <3) help me write the letter in Chinese (and subsequently hope my Chinese improves!). So far, the response from students has been really great. I appreciate everyone’s encouragement, the new students who have come to try classes, and everyone who has done the videos at home!

This week, I am taking on a new challenge. On Monday, I joined a “100 Days of Health” group on Facebook with some other ladies in Taipei. The purpose of the group is for members to set their own health goals and encourage one another in putting our personal plans into action over the next 100 days. My goals are to get more rest, do two kinds of exercise other than dance per week, as well as cook something healthy for myself at least two times a week. I’ll share some of my process and progress on FB and IG (@katiemovestaipei) if you want to follow along!

Do you have challenges or goals you are working on? Share them with me along with the hashtag #katiemovestaipei . We can cheer each other on!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


從我開始發電子報後,有些人問我為什麼想要寫電子報。不只是要跟學生有更多接觸,也算是要開始新的自我挑戰。如果我持續發電子報,那我就得想新的舞步,跟中文老師一起寫電子報(謝謝Eve老師!),所以各方面都可以進步。從第一封到現在已經一個多月了, 我知道還有很多地方可以進步,可是我很開心,因為最近有更多的學生來上我的課,我也得到很多正面的評價。

這個禮拜我加入了一個臉書社團,成員們都在進行『100天健康計劃』。 我覺得因為別人的鼓勵會比較容易達到目標。我的目標是多休息,嘗試新的運動,自己做菜等,你可以在我的社群網站上看到我這100天的過程。如果,你有自己的健康計劃或目標,你可以用#發文,我們可以互相加油!


愛你的 Katie

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